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Stefan Beck

Maker of crumhorns, cornamuses, Renaissance and Baroque flutes, and rebecs
Location:  Berlin, Germany.

Courtly Music Unlimited

Sells recorders, historical percussion, and historical woodwind instruments--crumhorns, cornamuses, rauschpfeifes, dulcians, shawms, schalmei, renaissance flutes, cornetti, baroque flutes, chalumeaux, racketts, serpents, cortols, and others. 
Location:  Warrensburg, New York.

Jens Güntzel

Maker of bagpipes, shawms, rauschpfeifes, cornamuses, crumhorns, and other wind instruments. 
Location:  Germany.

Moeck Music

Maker of recorders, crumhorns, cornamuses, rauschpfeifes, shawms, cornetts, flutes, dulcians, hautboys, racketts, chalumeaux, and other instruments. 
Location:  Germany.

The Recorder Shop

Distributor of recorders, crumhorns, cornamuses, dulcians, shawms, Renaissance and Baroque flutes, oboes, and bassoons, cornetti, serpents, rauschpfeifes, racketts, chalumeaux, kortholts, and sheet music and accessories. 
Location:  Hannacroix, New York.


Maker of crumhorns, cornamusen, kortholts, and racketts
Location:  United Kingdom.

Antique Sound Workshop

Maker and distributor of historical woodwind, brass, string, keyboard, and percussion instruments. 
Location:  Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Boulder Early Music Shop

Specializing in Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music, carries a full line of sheet music, books, and scores, instruments, kits, and strings, and gifts & accessories. 
Location:  Erie, Colorado.

Early Music Shop

The largest single source of early musical instruments world-wide.  Also does recorder repair. 
Location:  London, England.

Kelischek Workshop

Maker of Susato pennywhistles, tabor pipes, pentatonic- and wide-bore recorders, hurdy-gurdies, crumhorns, and many other products.  The affiliated Susato Press publishes practical editions of early and contemporary music for recorders and other instruments. 
Location:  Brasstown, North Carolina.

Bill Lazar

Seller of recorders, crumhorns, gemshorns, viols, vielles, rebecs, baroque violins, and other early instruments, also accessories. 
Location:  Mountain View, California.

Renaissance Workshop Company

The world's largest specialist manufacturer of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque musical instruments.  Also produces instruments in kit form. 
Location:  Bradford, United Kingdom.


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