For additional information about transverse flutes (aka Baroque flutes, traversos), visit the Transverse Flute section of the Early Wind Instruments page.

Anthony Arnold

Maker and restorer of Baroque recorders and flutes
Location:  United Kingdom.

Jean-Francois Beaudin

Maker of Baroque flutes
Location:  Quebec, Canada.

Stefan Beck

Maker of crumhorns, cornamuses, Renaissance and Baroque flutes, and rebecs
Location:  Berlin, Germany.

Boaz Berney

Maker of Renaissance and Baroque flutes
Location:  Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Andreas Besteck

Maker of Renaissance and Baroque flutes
Location:  Switzerland.

P.G. Bleazey

Maker of historical transverse flutes, recorders, and whistles
Location:  United Kingdom.

Charles Collier

Maker of Renaissance recorders, Renaissance flutes, shawms, and cornetti
Location:  Berkeley, California.

Courtly Music Unlimited

Sells recorders, historical percussion, and historical woodwind instruments--crumhorns, cornamuses, rauschpfeifes, dulcians, shawms, schalmei, renaissance flutes, cornetti, baroque flutes, chalumeaux, racketts, serpents, cortols, and others. 
Location:  Warrensburg, New York.

Andreas Glatt

Maker of Baroque recorders and transverse flutes
Location:  Belgium.

Michael Grinter

Maker of recorders and wooden flutes
Location:  Australia.

GT Musical Instruments

Maker and repairer of Renaissance and early Baroque flutes, chalumeaux, cornamuses, cornettos, rauschpfeifes, shawms, and other wind instruments.. 
Location:  Poland.

Marcelo D. Gurovich

Maker of recorders, Baroque flutes, Irish flutes, and tin whistles
Location:  Argentina.

Jobst Harders

Maker of Baroque flutes
Location:  Netherlands.

Historical Woodwinds

(Jan Hermans)
Maker of Renaissance and Baroque recorders and Baroque flutes
Location:  Belgium.

Holmblat Musique

Maker of Baroque and Renaissance flutes
Location:  France.

von Huene Workshop

Makes recorders and early flutes, and sells and repairs historical woodwinds and viols
Location:  Brookline, Massachusetts.

Guido M. Klemisch

Maker of recorders and Baroque flutes
Location:  Berlin, Germany.

Terry McGee

Maker of wooden flutes for Irish, early and classical music. 
Location:  Australia.

Moeck Music

Maker of recorders, crumhorns, cornamuses, rauschpfeifes, shawms, cornetts, flutes, dulcians, hautboys, racketts, chalumeaux, and other instruments. 
Location:  Germany.

Peter Noy

Maker of Renaissance and Baroque flutes
Location:  Seattle, Washington.

Alain Polak

Maker of Baroque flutes
Location:  Barcelona, Spain.

Simon Polak

Maker of Baroque flutes
Location:  Netherlands.

The Recorder Shop

Distributor of recorders, crumhorns, cornamuses, dulcians, shawms, Renaissance and Baroque flutes, oboes, and bassoons, cornetti, serpents, rauschpfeifes, racketts, chalumeaux, kortholts, and sheet music and accessories. 
Location:  Hannacroix, New York.

Sweetheart Flute

Maker of Baroque and Renaissance flutes, fifes, pennywhistles, tabor pipes, and other wind instruments. 
Location:  Enfield, Connecticut.

Martin Wenner

Maker of Baroque flutes and recorders
Location:  Germany.

Ronald Wick

Maker and repairer of historical recorders, flutes, and other woodwind instruments. 
Location:  Netherlands.

Chris Wilkes

Flute maker. 
Location:  United Kingdom.

Antique Sound Workshop

Maker and distributor of historical woodwind, brass, string, keyboard, and percussion instruments. 
Location:  Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Boulder Early Music Shop

Specializing in Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music, carries a full line of sheet music, books, and scores, instruments, kits, and strings, and gifts & accessories. 
Location:  Erie, Colorado.

Early Music Shop

The largest single source of early musical instruments world-wide.  Also does recorder repair. 
Location:  London, England.

Renaissance Workshop Company

The world's largest specialist manufacturer of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque musical instruments.  Also produces instruments in kit form. 
Location:  Bradford, United Kingdom.

Song of the Sea

Seller of bagpipes, harps, dulcimers, psalteries, whistles, flutes, recorders, and many other instruments. 
Location:  Bar Harbor, Maine.

Sound Creations

Maker of bowed and plucked psalteries, hardwood flutes, and other instruments. 
Location:  Bisbee, Arizona.


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