For additional information about lyres (aka crwths), visit the Lyre section of the Early String Instruments page.

Tim Manning

Maker of dulcimers, bowed and plucked psalteries, lyres, harps, and other instruments. 
Location:  United Kingdom.

Orphic Airs

Maker of harps, lyres, psalteries, dulcimers, hurdy-gurdies, and other instruments. 

Silvershell Musical Instruments

Maker of harps, lyres, lutes, hammered dulcimers, and psalteries
Location:  Pennsylvania.

Antique Sound Workshop

Maker and distributor of historical woodwind, brass, string, keyboard, and percussion instruments. 
Location:  Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Boulder Early Music Shop

Specializing in Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music, carries a full line of sheet music, books, and scores, instruments, kits, and strings, and gifts & accessories. 
Location:  Erie, Colorado.

Early Music Shop

The largest single source of early musical instruments world-wide.  Also does recorder repair. 
Location:  London, England.

Renaissance Workshop Company

The world's largest specialist manufacturer of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque musical instruments.  Also produces instruments in kit form. 
Location:  Bradford, United Kingdom.

Tam Lin Folk Instruments

Maker and repairer of violins, lutes, crwths, viola da gambas, guitars, theorbos, archlutes, citterns, dulcimers, hurdy-gurdys, mandolins, bagpipes, and other instruments.  Left-handed instruments a specialty. 
Location:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  For more info:  call Thom Reed at 414-873-9653.

Pierre-Alexis Cabiran

Maker of chalumeaux, cornamuses, lyres, and other instruments. 
Location:  France.


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