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I love early music!


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Early Music Education
« on: Nov 11th, 2006, 11:02am »
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Do any of you know which universities in the Chicago are have early music programs in their music departament.  I know of a few good ones but extremely far from Il.  I love Chicago and would like to stay in the city.  
Also is it necessary to get a m.a. in early music or does the city have enough workshops, lectures, etc.Huh
Thanx for any help.  
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Re: Early Music Education
« Reply #1 on: Nov 13th, 2006, 3:42pm »
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Unfortunately, there are no formal degree programs for early music performance in the Chicago area.
Under the Newberry Consort's Mary Springfels' guidance (she being artist-in-residence and part-time faculty member at NWU), Northwestern University has turned out several degreed performers in harpsichord, early vocals and strings in recent years but not as part of any significant, formal, organized program.  NWU has an active early music collegium (the Northwestern University Early Music Ensemble), but its future may be in doubt, since Mary is due to semi-"retire" and leave the Chicago area in the near future.
The Newberry Consort are artists-in-residence at the University of Chicago. According to
In their capacity as ensemble-in-residence, the Newberry Consort will conduct class visits and workshops, coach ensembles, play concerts, consult (and possibly perform) on repertory related to scholarly projects of students, and give some lessons, the costs of which will be defrayed by the Music Department.

Schola Antiqua of Chicago also have a new artist-in-residence status at the University of Chicago.
Beyond the Newberry Consort and Schola Antiqua, scattered performers among Chicago's early music community teach their respective instruments at area universities, although not necessarily historically informed performance (at least as a formal curriculum).
So, you can pursue higher education in early music performance around Chicago, but it's ad hoc in nature. You can always take private lessons with area early musicians, of course.
Visit the EMC pages
also the Musicians pages
for more information.
There are workshops and seminars around town from time to time, but Chicago having no in-town early music festivals or major, established workshops, these are few and far between.
A potentially major new development: The Music Institute of Chicago
has expanded its early music program, recently establishing a new Early Music Division within the Institute.  They have on their early music faculty some of Chicago's finest early musicians. This is an exciting development and something definitely worth looking into, but the scope and intensity of their training remains to be seen (e.g., they will certainly teach viola da gamba, baroque violin, and recorder, for example, but beyond that is unclear).
Midwest Young Artists
has a new and expanding early music program under the guidance of Jerry Fuller's Ars Antigua, but this program is for adolescents only.
Like much of the rest of Chicago's early music scene, higher early music education here is a work in progress. You can pursue formal early music education here (by all means, explore every nook and cranny of the EMC website), but doubtless it's easier to do elsewhere (e.g., in Boston, Montreal, and other places).
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