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Feb 27th, 2017, 7:36am
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Topic Summary
Posted by: berto Posted on: Sep 28th, 2003, 5:21pm
A new biopic of Martin Luther, Luther (http://www.lutherthemovie.com/), opened this weekend.
In one scene, a sackbut band provided musical accompaniment to a medieval morality play. (What piece or composer they were playing, I couldn't say.) The band played on for several minutes.
Best scene in the movie!  Wink
In the movie's second best scene, depicting the wedding of Martin Luther and Katherine von Bora, Luther (actor Joseph Fiennes) plays the lute, and a girl is shown playing the recorder.
Okay, I jest. There were other better scenes.
All in all, a really fine movie with a very nice sound track, portions of it truly "early music".
I rate the movie three stars (out of four). Thumbs up. Recommended.
Posted by: Ray_Avery Posted on: Sep 29th, 2003, 6:59am
I don't know Berto, I can't think of anything better than those two scenes you have described.  I read a review in World magazine over the weekend on Luther and they highly praised it, but I don't think they were paying much attention to the music.

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