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Feb 28th, 2017, 6:11am
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Topic Summary
Posted by: Dean Kandilakis Posted on: Sep 8th, 2005, 11:15pm
Hi all,
I would like to know if there are any workshops or classes where one can learn how to sing early music. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!  
Posted by: Forum Admin Posted on: Sep 13th, 2005, 11:55am
In the Chicago area, Ars Musica and Bella Voce have given workshops devoted to chant and/or early music in the past.  Visit their websites (via the Ensembles links at EMC) for the latest info.
The Chicago group Schola Antiqua performs chant exclusively.  Try contacting that group (via the EMC Choral Ensembles page).  They can give you an informed answer to your question.
Elsewhere, there will be a Gregorian Chant workshop in St. Meinrad, Indiana in October.  See the EMC October 2005 Events page (under Workshops/Retreats).
Usually every summer there are workshops around the country, some of them focusing on singing, others with vocal tracks within a larger early music workshop/festival.  Browse past EMC Calendar and Events pages (especially the summer ones).
Look to the EMC Instructors page (within the People category) for instructors who can teach you early vocal technique.
Consider also doing a SiteSearch (in the upper right corner of most EMC pages, just below our "mascot"), using relevant terms like "chant", "sing", and so on.  Really, there are many people mentioned at this website who can provide you with answers.  Do some digging.
Good luck.
Posted by: Dean Posted on: Sep 19th, 2005, 8:09pm
Thank you so much for your information and suggestions! I will certainly follow up on them.  
Posted by: Mike Anderson Posted on: Sep 21st, 2005, 5:20pm
There are some early music workshpos at the UNiversity of Chicago this fall, but I am not clear if one needs to be a student to participate.  Contact Shawn Keener for more information: keeners@uchicago.edu

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