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   Amherst Early Music Festival July 9-16
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   Author  Topic: Amherst Early Music Festival July 9-16  (Read 10178 times)
Amherst Early Music


Amherst Early Music Festival July 9-16
« on: Apr 6th, 2006, 12:46pm »
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Amherst Early Music Festival
Music of France: Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque and the Franco-Flemish Tradition
Amherst Early Music Faculty
Tish Berlin*, Frances Blaker, Deborah Booth*, Saskia Coolen*, Adam Gilbert**, Rotem Gilbert**, Valerie Horst, Dan Laurin*, Na'ama Lion, Mauricio Molina**, Patricia Petersen, Wendy Powers, Gwyn Roberts, Bart Spanhove**, Nina Stern**, Han Tol**, Joris Van Goethem**, Paul Van Loey**, Tricia van Oers**, Tom Zajac**
Viol & Cello
Jay Bernfeld**, Loren Ludwig, Martha McGaughey*, John Mark Rozendaal**, Gail Ann Schroeder**, Brent Wissick*, Rainer Zipperling*
Judith Kadar**, Andrew Lawrence-King*
Lucas Harris*, Grant Herreid**
Mauricio Molina**
Dana Maiben*, Robert Mealy*
Deborah Booth*, Na'ama Lion, Gwyn Roberts, Janet See*
Renaissance Reeds
Marilyn Boenau, Adam Gilbert**, Rotem Gilbert**, David Klausner**, Debra Nagy*, Daniel Stillman**
Baroque Oboe*
Washington McClain*
Baroque Bassoon*
Dominic Teresi*
Douglas Kirk**
Wim Becu**, Ross Brownlee*, Tom Zajac**
Arthur Haas*, Jacques Ogg*, Peter Sykes*, Webb Wiggins**
Julianne Baird*, Kathlene Ritch Brown, Emily Eagen, Daniel Johnson, Drew Minter*, Ann Monoyios**, Steven Plank*
Dance* & Theater
Grant Herreid**, Daniel Johnson, Andrew Lawrence-King*, Kaspar Mainz*, Drew Minter*, Dorothy Olsson*, Lawrence Rosenwald*, Tom Zajac**
Early Notation
Valerie Horst, Patricia Petersen
Conductors of All-Workshop Collegium
Steven Plank*, Webb Wiggins**
* First week only
** Second week only
Amherst Early Music, Inc. Staff
Marilyn Boenau
Assistant Directors  
Frances Blaker, Daniel Johnson, Wendy Powers
Directors Emeritæ  
Valerie Horst, Patricia Petersen
Cathy Stein
Festival Staff
Marilyn Boenau, Wendy Powers
Temmo Korisheli
Daniel Johnson
Loren Ludwig
Emily Eagen, Ross Brownlee
Class Placement  
Frances Blaker, Na’ama Lion, Ann Bies
John Dye, Hank Anderson
Music and Instrument Exhibition  
Beth Cullinane
John Andrew Bailey
Concert Series  
Kathlene Ritch Brown
Ronnie Snader
Recording Engineer  
Michael P. Hesse
Amherst Early Music Central Program
July 9-16 and July 16-23, 2006
The Central Program is one of the finest programs of classes for early music lovers in the world, with some 130 students each week. We offer instruction in nearly every instrument used in the performance of early music today from the psaltery to the bagpipe, taught by an international faculty of early music performers and teachers (bios available on our website). Faculty members listed for week-long Intensive Programs and Special Projects also teach in our Central Program. The convenient campus and air-conditioned classrooms of Connecticut College provide the perfect setting for our inclusive and wide-ranging classes. Whether you are a relative newcomer to the recorder, a seasoned amateur viol player, or an aspiring young singer, there is a place for you in the Amherst Early Music Central Program. No audition is required. Our classes range from small, one-on-a-part Renaissance and Baroque ensembles to large, mixed vocal and instrumental groups. Students choose from an array of classes on Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and contemporary music. The size of the workshop enables us to create classes for all levels of students, from those of modest skills to the most advanced. Morning classes are organized by instrument families: recorder, flute, viol, brass**, reeds, harp, lute**, harpsichord, voice, dance*. In the late morning the all-workshop Collegium gathers together all interested singers and instrumentalists for large group rehearsals leading to Saturday evening performances. Week one, Steven Plank directs Missa Confitebor tibi Domine in eight parts by Philippe de Monte. Week two, Webb Wiggins directs. Afternoon classes provide opportunities for Renaissance recorder consorts, viol consorts, cornet and sackbut ensembles, shawm band, Baroque oboe band, mixed ensembles, early notation, Baroque ensembles, topic classes, special projects, and more. Our early notation program offers classes for all levels and enables students through playing to gain a new understanding of earlier repertories. Music from Petrucci’s Canti C (1504) will be used in several classes as part of a long-range project to prepare the first playing edition of this wonderful and important collection. At least fifteen harpsichords will be available for use in class and for after-hours rehearsals and impromptu playing sessions. All classes will be at a=440, unless stated. Viol-only classes will be at a=415. Central Program student concerts featuring music prepared in class are scheduled on Saturday, July 15 and July 22, in the afternoon.
Historical Dance Program*
Faculty: Kaspar D. Mainz* and Dorothy Olsson*
Dance is an integral part of the Amherst Early Music Festival. Classes will be offered in Renaissance and Baroque dance. This year's one-week program includes classes, rehearsals, and the staged performance of L’Europe Galante (rehearsals begin on Saturday, July 8). Classes will be held in wonderful dance studios at the college. English country dancing is available in the evenings. All levels of dancers are welcome. See also www.newyorkhistoricaldance.com.
Medieval Project: Guillaume de Machaut and the Fountain of Love**
Directed by Grant Herreid,** Tom Zajac,** and Daniel Johnson
A semi-staged tale of courtly love drawn from the works of the great 14th-century poet/composer Guillaume de Machaut (Voir Dit, Le Remede de Fortune, Dit de la FontaineAmoureuse). In chansons, estampies, caroles, and lais, singers and instrumentalists weave a tapestry rich in the colors of amorous passion. Open to singers by recorded audition, and to players of vielle, lute, winds, and percussion. Performance Saturday, July 22.
Lambert de Sayve Project**
Wim Becu**, director
Lambert de Sayve (1548/49-1614) was born in Liège, studied with Philippe de Monte, and lived most of his life in Austria where he was imperial court composer of Emperor Matthias. Well-regarded in his lifetime, his work is in the Venetian style. Wim Becu will direct his Missa Dominus regnavit for 16 voices in four choirs, with parts specified for voices, brass, and reeds. This spectacular piece is not available in modern edition. Performance Friday, July 21.
Amherst Baroque Academy*
July 9-16
Arthur Haas*, director
Faculty: Julianne Baird*, voice; Dana Maiben*, Baroque violin; Dan Laurin*, recorder; Janet See*, Baroque flute; Washington McClain*, Baroque oboe; Dominic Teresi*, Baroque bassoon; Rainer Zipperling*, viola da gamba and Baroque cello; Jacques Ogg*, harpsichord, and Arthur Haas*, harpsichord and chamber music coaching.
This year the Academy will explore the magnificent wealth of French music, with particular emphasis on works of Couperin, Marais, Rameau, and other composers whose works were published in Paris. Students take part in expanded master class sessions, along with chamber ensembles, orchestra, and special topic classes. Repertory for master classes will be posted on the AEM web site (www.amherstearlymusic.org). A=415. Baroque Academy faculty performs Thursday night, July 13, and students perform Saturday afternoon, July 15. Singers and the Academy orchestra will participate in a staged performance of André Campra’s L’Europe Galante on Friday night, July 14. Scholarships available for violin concertmaster and voice; please inquire.
Baroque Academy Opera Project*: André Campra’s L’Europe Galante (1697)
Directed by Andrew Lawrence-King*.  
Campra's opera portrays the musical peoples of Europe as gallant heroes in the dance of love: the elegant French, passionate Italians, proud Spaniards, & exotic Turks. Whether singing or dancing, all Europe moves to the subtle swing of passacailles & chaconnes, minuets & gavottes, the court & theatre dances of the Sun-King's choreographers, Feuillet & Pécour. All declaim noble French verse in the ever-changing, quicksilver meters of Lully's recitative-style. All sing French airs, whether tender or lively, combining text, dance-meter and instantly memorable melodies with effortless charm. All exhibit the exquisite taste - "le bon gout" - embodied by Louis XIV himself, in a spectacle that allows all Europe - and all of us - to reflect the glorious brilliance of French baroque grandeur. This landmark opera-ballet will be fully-staged with singers, dancers, and Baroque Academy orchestra on Friday evening, July 14. Stage Director: Drew Minter*. Dance Directors: Dorothy Olsson*, Kaspar D. Mainz*. Vocal coach: Julianne Baird*. Scriptwriter: Lawrence Rosenwald*. Costumer: Ronnie Snader*.
Admission to the Baroque Academy is by recorded audition only. To apply, please submit application form, tuition deposit and application fee, a resume of your studies and playing experience, and a 10-15-minute audition CD showing your technical ability, musical expression, and your understanding of Baroque style. Please include French music. Vocal roles in the Opera Project will be cast by May 15 on the basis of Baroque Academy audition CDs. Singers please submit 2 copies of these materials: audition CD, photo, and a detailed resume including stage experience, height, hair color, and eye color. Deadline is April 15, 2006.
Virtuoso Recorder Program**
July 16-23, 2006
Gwyn Roberts, director
Faculty: Flanders Recorder Quartet**: Bart Spanhove, Han Tol, Joris Van Goethem, Paul Van Loey
The Virtuoso Recorder Program is a one-week course of intensive study with some of the world’s leading recorderists. The daily schedule includes a master class, an ensemble class, and a class on contemporary music for the recorder. Students in the Virtuoso Recorder Program are highly-skilled pre-professional and professional players from all over the world. Some are conservatory students, all have a high degree of technical proficiency, an understanding of Renaissance, Baroque, and contemporary styles, and strong musicianship. Master class time provides plenty of one-on-one contact with our distinguished European faculty members. Repertory for the master class will be posted on the AEM website(www.amherstearlymusic.org).  Ensemble classes will use the Rogers Recorder Consort of Breukink instruments. Audition CDs should be 10-15 minutes long, and should show your technical ability, musical expression, and knowledge of a variety of historical styles. Please include French music. Deadline: April 15, 2006. Some full and partial-tuition scholarships are available.
Recorder Seminar**
July 16-23, 2006
Gwyn Roberts, director
Faculty: Flanders Recorder Quartet**
For young adults. This course is a challenging, fast-paced week of classes that will include a master class, ensembles, technique, and a recorder topics class. Students will learn about instrument maintenance, finding repertoire, practicing, recorder technique, and careers in early music. For advanced students who are not yet ready for Virtuoso Recorder. Audition CD required (see above). Work-study assistance available; inquire.
Flutes and Drums around the World**
July 16-23, 2006
Faculty: Nina Stern** and Mauricio Molina**
Classroom recorder teachers are invited to learn about this award-winning teaching method that energizes elementary school children of diverse backgrounds and makes instrumental music appealing and accessible to them. Developed by recorder virtuoso Nina Stern together with percussionist Mauricio Molina, the method uses music from all over the world and from different eras to engage children’s interest. The course will cover subjects such as recorder and hand-drumming technique, teaching improvisation, non-verbal teaching through conducting gestures, arranging and harmonizing tunes for children, working with large classes and with different levels at once, and more. Continuing Education Units available; please inquire.
Amherst Early Music Festival Concert Series 2006
All concerts in Evans Concert Hall, in Cummings Arts Center, at Connecticut College. Concerts begin at 7:30 unless indicated below. Admission for evening concerts free to participants; tickets available to general public for $15/10 for students and seniors.
7/11 Fortune’s Wheel “Music from the Springtime of Medieval France,” French art song from 1300-1450. Lydia Knutsen, soprano, Aaron Sheehan, tenor, and Robert Mealy, vielle and harp.
7/13 Amherst Baroque Soloists “Virtuosic Music of France,” Julianne Baird, soprano; Dana Maiben, violin; Dan Laurin, recorder; Janet See, flute; Washington McClain, oboe; Dominic Teresi, bassoon; Rainer Zipperling, viol and cello; Jacques Ogg and Arthur Haas, harpsichord.
7/14 André Campra's L’Europe Galante (1697) Fully staged with singers, dancers, and orchestra, directed by Andrew Lawrence-King. Stage director, Drew Minter, with Dorothy Olsson, Kaspar Mainz, and Lawrence Rosenwald.
7/15 1:30 p.m. Baroque Academy Student Concert. 3:00 p.m. Workshop Student Concert. 7:30 p.m. Faculty Concert; All-workshop Collegium conducted by Steven Plank, Missa Confitebor tibi Domine by Philippe de Monte.
7/18 Flanders Recorder Quartet “Isabella la Catolica”
7/20 Faculty concert
7/21 Lambert de Sayve Project for voices, reeds, and brass, directed by Wim Becu
7/22 1:30 p.m. Virtuoso Recorder Concert. 3:00 p.m. Workshop Student Concert. 5:00 p.m. Medieval Project: Guillaume de Machaut and the Fountain of Love, semi-staged performance with singers and instruments. Directed by Grant Herreid, Tom Zajac, and Daniel Johnson. 7:30 p.m. Faculty Concert All-workshop Collegium conducted by Webb Wiggins.
Music & Instrument Exhibition Saturday-Sunday, July 15-16.  
Early instrument makers and dealers, music publishers, and organizations. Exhibition is open to the public. Contact Beth Cullinane at amherstinstruments@hotmail.com or 718-392-4678.
About Connecticut College
Connecticut College, founded in 1911 in New London, Connecticut, is an idyllic New England liberal arts college. There is plenty of air-conditioned classroom space of all sizes, a beautiful concert hall, and a supportive campus environment. The student center has a convenience store, snack bar, pub, post office, and internet access. The scenic campus is situated within a 750-acre arboretum with dramatic views of Long Island Sound, downtown New London, and the Thames River. The College is just minutes away from beaches, nature preserves, Mystic Seaport, major concert venues, coffeehouses, and bookstores. Providence, Hartford, and New Haven can be reached in less than an hour; New York and Boston are approximately two hours away by car. For more information on the college go to www.conncoll.edu, or for the town www.ci.new-london.ct.us.
Connecticut College is less than 60 miles from Providence, RI, just off of I-95 in southeastern Connecticut. It is 113 miles from Boston, and 130 miles from New York City. Amtrak trains (800-USA-RAIL, www.amtrak.com) go to downtown New London. The station is two miles from campus. Greyhound Bus (800-231-2222, www.greyhound.com) goes to the same station. The closest airport is in Providence, RI (PVD), but a number of other airports serve the region. Van service will be provided on Sundays from Providence airport and New London train station.  
Application & General Information
General Schedule
Check-In: Sunday 1:30-5:00 p.m. on 7/9 and 7/16. Saturday arrival is possible by prior arrangement only. First meal is Sunday dinner, followed by a reception and orientation meeting.
Late check-in: 9:30 p.m. Day students and those arriving very late Sunday may arrange to check in Monday.  
There are four class periods per day Monday through Friday.  
After classes: informal playing, madrigals, concerts, lectures, English country dancing.  
Saturday activities: rehearsals, faculty and student concerts, the Music & Instrument Exhibition (7/15 and 7/16), and the Faculty/Collegium concerts and parties. The last meal on your card is Sunday breakfast.
The Amherst Early Music Festival is an activity of Amherst Early Music, Inc., which reserves the right to modify programs and faculty rosters in response to enrollment, student preferences, and playing levels. Amherst Early Music is a not-for-profit arts corporation (ID#13-3345308) which relies for its support on the generosity of corporate and individual donors. All donations are fully tax-deductible under the law.
Tuition: Central Program: $475 per week
Baroque Academy, Virtuoso Recorder, Recorder Seminar, Flutes and Drums: $520
Dance Program: $425
Tuition discount for students attending both weeks in any combination of programs: $100.
Work-study aid for tuition is available; check box to receive application, and mail form with a tuition deposit of $100/wk (the minimum tuition required of all students) plus the $25 Application Fee. If AEM cannot award sufficient aid for you to attend, your tuition deposit will be refunded in full.
Tuition Scholarships (please inquire if interested):
Violin—scholarship for Baroque Academy concertmaster
Voice—scholarship for experienced singer beginning a career in early music
Reeds or Brass—two scholarships for reed or brass players
Recorder—scholarships for Virtuoso Recorder participants
Viol—scholarship for Central Program or Baroque Academy
Harpsichord—scholarship for Central Program
Scholarships are also offered by Early Music America (www.earlymusic.org) and the American Recorder Society (www.americanrecorder.org).  Deadline for both: April 15, 2006.
Application Fee  
$25, non-refundable, not included in tuition. Waived if full tuition payment is postmarked by May 1. Those auditioning for a program with a higher tuition may avoid the Application Fee by sending in the amount of the full Central Program tuition. If your application to the special program is not accepted, you may either receive a refund of all but the $25 Application Fee or have your payment applied to the Central Program.
Cancellation policy  
Tuition is fully refundable before May 15, all but $100 before June 14, all but $200 before July 1 (July 8 for second week). No refunds for first week after July 1 (July 8 for second week).
Room & Board  
Begins at $150 per week for non a/c room, no linens, no meals. There are double and single rooms, all with shared bath, with plenty of air-conditioned rooms available. Detailed room and board packages and rates will be posted on the website. If you will be arriving early, staying late, or having a guest, please inquire about transient housing.
Fill out the application form on our website (www.amherstearlymusic.org/2006/aemf/). Send either full payment or tuition deposit of $100 per week plus $25 registration fee. All applications, including special programs, must include tuition deposit. Make check to Amherst Early Music, Inc. or give credit card info. Mail to address below.
Credit Card Payment  
Payment in U.S. dollars only. (MC, VISA, AmEx only) Send card number, expiration date, your name as it appears on the card, the total you wish to charge and your signature.  
Further Information  
Applicants will receive detailed information about classes, housing, transportation, and Festival events in May.
Amherst Early Music Inc.
Marilyn Boenau, Director
47 Prentiss Street
Watertown, MA 02472
Phone 617-744-1324  
Fax 617-744-1327
Email: info@amherstearlymusic.org
Web: www.amherstearlymusic.org
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