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Nov 19th, 2018, 11:56am
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Ryan Morrison


Early Instruments for Sale
« on: Mar 12th, 2007, 11:30pm »
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The following is a list of used Early Music instruments I have for sale. Provided below is the type of instrument, the manufacturer and my asking price:
1) Bowed Psaltry; Unicorn Strings medieval model, cherry body; $200
2) Cornettino; John McCann Curved Cornettino, Made in 2000; $450
3) Cornetto; John McCann Straight Cornetto, Made in 1999; $300
4) Harp; Stoney End 29-string Celtic-style folk harp #3234; $1,400
5) Rackett; Loraine tenor rackett made in Petaluma, CA in 2003; $600
6) Recorder; Coolsma Professional (Solo) Series Alto, Rosewood; $400
7) Recorder; Moeck Hotteterre series tenor, Boxwood with double key; $1,500
8) Recorder; Coolsma Professional (Solo) Series Curved Windway Alto; $1,200
9) Recorder; Coolsma Professional (Solo) Series Curved Windway Soprano; $600
10) Recorder; Aura Conservatorium Series Curved Windway Boxwood Recorder; $250
11) Recorder; Roessler alto, ebony with ivory fittings; $250
12) Recorder; Mollenhauer Traumflote alto; $200
13) Recorder; Mollenhauer Traumflote alto; $200
14) Recorder; Mollenhauer Traumflote tenor; $550
15) Viol da gamba; Ceske Renaissance treble viol pruce top, figured maple sides; $1,400
16) Bow; Christopher English treble viol da gamba bow, Port; $400 (I'm asking $1,600 for the viol and bow together)  
Additionally, I have an upper middle range double bass and bow for sale:  
17) Double-bass by Steven Riley, Grand Rapids, MI, No. 14, 1989; $20,000
18) French model D bass bow by Steven Riley, Grand Rapids, MI; $2,500
Feel free to forward this list to anyone you know who may be in the market to purchase, or someone/business who may be able to help. The double bass is currently on consignment, but if there is someone serious about it, I can recall it, or put the potential buyer in contact with the manufacturer of the bass for more details (the bass is on consignment with the manufacturer).  
All of the other instruments on this list are with me, and if someone would like to view/play any of them, they are certainly welcome to contact me. Please note my contact info:
Ryan Morrison
8014 W. 44th St.
Lyons, IL 60534
H # 708-442-5426
C # 708-846-8725
Email:  r_morrison99@hotmail.com
Thank you for your consideration.
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