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Feb 25th, 2017, 9:10pm
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Topic Summary
Posted by: Forum Admin Posted on: Oct 13th, 2004, 10:07am
|     invites
* FESTIVAL DATES: May 20 May 30, 2005.
* DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS:  November 15th, 2004 (see information below)
The Bloomington Early Music Festival, produced by Early Music Associates, Inc., is pleased to announce openings for up to five performances at its 2005 festival.  These concerts will provide an opportunity for ensembles and soloists to perform in a music festival that has established itself as a major regional cultural event.
The Festival offers a beautiful, relaxed setting with good performance venues, well-educated audiences with diverse musical interests, and an open spirit, allowing performers to experiment with unusual programming.   It also provides up-and-coming musicians with an opportunity to interact with established artists.  Selected recordings from the festival are released to nationally syndicated radio programs.  Musicians at the festival are able to enjoy Bloomington as the home of the Indiana University School of Music, which includes the Early Music Institute and a number of large research collections.
The Bloomington Early Music Festival enjoys regional and national media coverage.  Newspapers, weekly magazines, and radio and TV stations in the surrounding region take an interest in the concerts, themes and artists presented at the festival.  Local Public Radio station WFIU produces a number of programs that cover various aspects of the festival, including "Harmonia," a widely syndicated hour-long weekly program that focuses on concerts, personalities, and interests of BLEMF.  The Bloomington Early Music Festival is featured annually on National Public Radio's "Performance Today".
- concert venues, publicity (including flyers, preview articles in the media, web-site information, public radio announcements, etc.), a professional digital recording, program copying, and rehearsal space.  On a case-by-case basis, the Festival can arrange housing for visiting musicians, and will offer limited funds to pay for transportation and concert-related expenses.  
- interesting, diverse Early Music programs, which are not necessarily limited to a narrow scope of repertoire and/or performance styles.  Our intent is to diversify the early music field with multiculturalism, topic-focused programming, and novel approaches to performance practice.
Please include a brief description of the project and musicians involved.  Include short bios of musicians, any applicable concert reviews, previous program materials, and a sample recording of a performance by the ensemble or soloist (with one or more pieces of the program if possible).  Please send any and all press kit materials and information that can be provided about the soloist/ensemble as well, as this is most helpful to the programming committee in their decision-making process.  A list of previous performances would also be helpful.
Proposals will be assessed by the BLEMF Program Committee, which is a standing committee of distinguished Early Music artists, scholars, and community members responsible for advising the Board of Directors on artistic matters.  Up to five projects will be selected for the 2005 Bloomington Early Music Festival.
Proposals must be submitted by November 15th, 2004.
Please send material to:
Bloomington Early Music Festival
Early Music Associates, Inc.
Attn: Program Committee
P.O. Box 734, Bloomington, IN 47402, USA
For more information, contact our office:
director@blemf.org www.blemf.org  
phone and fax (812) 331-1263

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