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Apr 23rd, 2018, 12:12pm
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   Added Images pages
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Added Images pages
« on: Jan 22nd, 2005, 10:46pm »
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We have added several new Images pages, including:
* Pictures, http://earlymusichicago.org/images_pictures.htm, with Google Images of (for now only) composers and instruments.
* Posters/Prints, http://earlymusichicago.org/images_posters_prints.htm, with posters and art prints available for purchase at AllPosters.com (EMC's newest commercial sponsor).
The Pictures page is especially interesting, because it gives another, relatively more comprehensive view of its subject matter, and suggests additional avenues of research.
If your interest is crumhorns, for example, clicking on that link you will see images of crumhorns for sale, crumhorns being played, instruments on exhibit, artwork, CDs featuring crumhorns, even scientific charts showing waveforms of the crumhorn's distinctive sound.
Associated with each image is a link to the web page hosting that image. Images lead to words, and new sources of information.
On the Instruments (http://earlymusichicago.org/instruments.htm) and Composers (http://earlymusichicago.org/composers.htm) pages, we duplicate the links to Google Images.
Due to limitations in search technology, many of the selected images on display are off-topic--having nothing to do with early music. We can and will refine our search queries to filter out the irrelevant images, but we will never altogether be able to eliminate the problem. (If we refine the search for John Bull, for example, we might succeed in filtering out images of later- and modern-day John Bulls, but we might also in the process inadvertently filter out desired images of the Renaissance composer John Bull.)
In spite of this inherent difficulty, we hope and expect that you will find Images to be truly useful and even entertaining.
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