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Oct 18th, 2018, 9:17pm
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Early MusiChicago Discussion Forum Recorders (and more) for sale
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   Recorders (and more) for sale
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I love early music!


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Recorders (and more) for sale
« on: Sep 15th, 2008, 7:07pm »
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I have several excellent used early music instruments currently for sale.  Serious inquiries only.  The type, make and asking price follows:  
-Soprano recorder; Aura Conservatorium Series Curved Windway Boxwood Recorder; $250.
-Soprano recorder; Coolsma Professional (Solo) Series  Curved Windway; $600
-Soprano rauschpfeife; Moeck Steinkopf; $500
-Alto recorder; Roessler, ebony with ivory fittings; $250
-Alto recorder; Coolsma Professional (Solo) Series Curved Windway; $1,200
-Tenor recorder; Moeck Hotteterre series, boxwood with double key; $1,500
-Treble viol da gamba; Ceske Renaissance, pruce top, figured maple sides; $1,200
-Treble viol bow; Christopher English, port; $400.
These instruments belonged to my late wife, Kim Katulka, whom many of the folks who visit this site knew.  Kim took excellent care of these instruments, played them extraordinarily well, and wanted them to get used by someone equally caring  
and mindful of their quality.  I am flexible on price, and if you're interested in the viol and the bow together, I will provide a price discount.  
You can view pictures of these instruments at craigslist.com, by clicking "musical instruments" and navigating to "west chicagoland".    
If you are interested and would like to arrange a time to see/play the instruments, please call or email me at the following:
Ryan Morrison
# 708-846-8725
email:  r_morrison99@hotmail.com
Thank you.  
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