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Feb 28th, 2017, 8:21am
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Topic Summary
Posted by: Hautbois Posted on: Mar 31st, 2003, 5:19pm
I'm interested in finding out what instruments other people play.  
My main instruments are oboe, voice, and recorder (soprano and alto).  I've also dabbled in self-teaching books for piano, flute, tin whistle, cornet, and guitar.  I have a crumhorn on loan which is very fun to play.  We have one book of crumhorn music that I like to use, and I also play recorder music.  My grandpa's clarinet resides in our house but I've only succeeded in making a few notes squeak out.  
I like to play music!  Sometimes I'll take up hours rotating through all the various instruments in our house.
Posted by: Labattaille Posted on: Mar 31st, 2003, 8:12pm
I play the entire family of recorders...by that I mean bass through sopranino (I have yet to lay hands on a garklein or great bass)... Kiss I also play 'cello pretty seriously (3rd chair in my school's orchestra). I own a D flageolet and can play a few tunes on it from memory...but...that...erm..probably doesn't count...And then I've taken a 1 semester course on piano.  
It's funny--though I've had more than a few chances to play krumhorn I've yet to make just one stupid note. ARRRGHH!!!! I have absolutely no lung power.  Angry
...Har Har...There you have it.
Posted by: Hautbois Posted on: Apr 1st, 2003, 7:02pm
I forgot about the higher recorders.  I have a sopranino which I play very rarely and usually only when I'm in the house by myself.  I play garklein whenever I can get my hands on one.  A couple years back I played a garklein solo at Whitewater.  That was a lot of fun.   Grin
I still can't manage to get my fingers on tenors or basses without hurting myself.  
It's probably easier for oboists to switch to crumhorn than cellists.  I have an alto on loan from a friend, which I guess is a nice one.  Other peoples' instruments I haven't been able to make notes on either.  You just have to blow really hard!
Posted by: Christopher Culp Posted on: Apr 5th, 2003, 8:19am
I remember your solo at Whitewater well!  It was swell!  Smiley
(Almost the best part of the weekend in my opinion...but the music always wins out.)
(Regrets, gotta miss this year...sigh.)
Personally, I think a bassoon player would work better than oboe.  But it depends on the Krum.
And don't sweat the fingers.  I wish I could play the gark.  But my fingers are toooo big.
In time, you'll play them all, I'm sure!  Just hang in there.

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