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Feb 27th, 2017, 12:41am
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Topic Summary
Posted by: Forum Admin Posted on: Mar 31st, 2005, 6:15pm
On February 25, 2005, WFMT Radio aired the program "Introductions," featuring the winners of the recently held Midwest Young Artists/Ars Antigua Early Music Competition.
The Early Music category winners of the 2005 competition were:
--Ken Fuller, double bass
--Laura Osterlund, sopranino recorder (winner also of the "Other Instruments" category)
For the program, Ken Fuller played the Courente from the Sonata for Double Bass by Henry Eccles.  Laura Osterlund played the Allegro from the Concerto in C for Sopranino Recorder by Antonio Vivaldi.  The program also includes an interview of the two young performers.  The program host was Lisa Flynn.
Here are tracks from the Introductions program:
http://earlymusichicago.org/sounds/WFMTIntroductions25Feb2005/Introducti onsLeadIn.mp3 (311 KB, 0:19)
http://earlymusichicago.org/sounds/WFMTIntroductions25Feb2005/Introducti onsIntro.mp3 (1,234 KB, 1:19)
http://earlymusichicago.org/sounds/WFMTIntroductions25Feb2005/KenFullerP layingEccles.mp3 (1,911 KB, 2:02)
http://earlymusichicago.org/sounds/WFMTIntroductions25Feb2005/InterviewW ithKenFullerAndLauraOsterlund.mp3 (7,449 KB, 7:56)
http://earlymusichicago.org/sounds/WFMTIntroductions25Feb2005/LauraOster lundPlayingVivaldi.mp3 (4,343 KB, 4:37)
http://earlymusichicago.org/sounds/WFMTIntroductions25Feb2005/Introducti onsConclusion.mp3 (1,294 KB, 1:22)
http://earlymusichicago.org/sounds/WFMTIntroductions25Feb2005/Introducti onsCloseOut.mp3 (244 KB, 0:15)
We wish to thank WFMT Radio for allowing us to post tracks from this program.

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