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William Babell

(c. 1690 - 1723)
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Thomas Babou

(1656 - 1739)
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Christoph Bach

(1613 - 1661)
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Georg Christoph Bach

(1641 - 1697)
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Heinrich Bach

(1615 - 1692)
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Johann Ambrosius Bach

(1645 - 1695)
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Johann Bernhard Bach

(1676 - 1749)
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Johann Christian Bach

(1735 - 1782)
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Johann Christoph Bach

(1642 - 1703)
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Johann Egidius Bach

(1645 - 1717)
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Johann Ernst Bach

(1722 - 1777)
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Johann Jacob Bach

(1682 - 1722)
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Johann Ludwig Bach

(1677 - 1731)
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Johann Michael Bach

(1648 - 1694)
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Johann Nikolaus Bach

(1669 - 1753)
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Johann Sebastian Bach

(1685 - 1750)
Wikipedia: Johann Sebastian Bach
J.S. Bach Home Page
American Bach Society
Bach Cantatas Website
Johann Sebastian Bach
Johann Sebastian Bach
The Baroque Age - Johann Sebastian Bach
Bach's Life in Pictures
Riemenschneider Bach Institute
Bach Institute at Valparaiso University
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Johannes Bach

(1604 - 1673)
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HOASM: Johann Bach
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Johannes Bach CDs
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Wilhelm Friedemann Bach

(1710 - 1784)
Wikipedia: Wilhelm Friedemann Bach
Bach-Cantatas: Wilhelm Friedemann Bach
CN: Wilhelm Friedemann Bach
HOASM: Wilhelm Friedemann Bach
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YouTube Video: Wilhelm Friedemann Bach
CMA: BACH, Wilhelm Friedemann
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach Sheet Music
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Rosa Giacinta Badalla

(1660 - 1710)
Wikipedia: Rosa Giacinta Badalla
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Google Scholar: Rosa Giacinta Badalla
Google Books: Rosa Giacinta Badalla
Rosa Giacinta Badalla Sheet Music
Rosa Giacinta Badalla CDs
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Pietro Baldassare

(before 1690 - after 1768)
Wikipedia: Pietro Baldassare
Google Scholar: Pietro Baldassare
Google Books: Pietro Baldassare
Pietro Baldassare Sheet Music
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Adriano Banchieri

(1568 - 1634)
Wikipedia: Adriano Banchieri
HOASM: Adriano Banchieri
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Google Books: Adriano Banchieri
YouTube Video: Adriano Banchieri
Adriano Banchieri Sheet Music
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John Banister

(1662 - 1736)
HOASM: John Banister
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YouTube Video: John Banister
John Banister CDs
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Bartolomeo Barbarino

(c. 1568 - 1617 or later)
Wikipedia: Bartolomeo Barbarino
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Google Scholar: Bartolomeo Barbarino
Google Books: Bartolomeo Barbarino
Bartolomeo Barbarino Sheet Music
Bartolomeo Barbarino CDs
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Ottavio Bargagni

(c. 1570 - c. 1627)
Google Scholar: Ottavio Bargagni
Google Books: Ottavio Bargagni
Ottavio Bargagni Books

Leonora Baroni

(1611 - 1670)
Wikipedia: Leonora Baroni
Google Scholar: Leonora Baroni
Google Books: Leonora Baroni
Leonora Baroni Books

Michel de la Barre

(1675 - 1743)
Wikipedia: Michel de la Barre
HOASM: Michel de la Barre
Google Scholar: Michel de la Barre
Google Books: Michel de la Barre
YouTube Video: Michel de la Barre
Michel de la Barre Sheet Music
Michel de la Barre CDs
Michel de la Barre MP3s
Michel de la Barre Books

Francesco Barsanti

(1690 - 1772)
Wikipedia: Francesco Barsanti
Google Scholar: Francesco Barsanti
Google Books: Francesco Barsanti
YouTube Video: Francesco Barsanti
Francesco Barsanti Sheet Music
Francesco Barsanti CDs
Francesco Barsanti MP3s
Francesco Barsanti Books

John Bartlet

(fl. 1610)
Wikipedia: John Bartlet
HOASM: John Bartlet
Google Scholar: John Bartlet
Google Books: John Bartlet
YouTube Video: John Bartlet
John Bartlet CDs
John Bartlet MP3s

Adreana Basile

(c. 1580 - c. 1640)
Wikipedia: Adreana Basile
Google Scholar: Adriana Basile
Google Books: Adriana Basile
Adriana Basile Books

John Baston

(fl. 1708 - 1739)
HOASM: John Baston
Google Scholar: John Baston
Google Books: John Baston
John Baston Sheet Music
John Baston CDs
John Baston MP3s
John Baston Books

Giovanni Battista Bassani

(c. 1657 - 1716)
Wikipedia: Giovanni Battista Bassani
Bach-Cantatas: Giovanni Battista Bassani
HOASM: Giovanni Battista Bassani
Google Scholar: Giovanni Battista Bassani
Google Books: Giovanni Battista Bassani
YouTube Video: Giovanni Battista Bassani
Giovanni Battista Bassani Sheet Music
Giovanni Battista Bassani CDs
Giovanni Battista Bassani Books

Dietrich Becker

(1623 - 1679)
Wikipedia: Dietrich Becker
Google Scholar: Dietrich Becker
Google Books: Dietrich Becker
Dietrich Becker CDs

Paolo Benedetto Bellinzani

(168? - 1757)
Google Scholar: Paolo Benedetto Bellinzani
Google Books: Paolo Benedetto Bellinzani
YouTube Video: Paolo Benedetto Bellinzani
Paolo Benedetto Bellinzani Sheet Music
Paolo Benedetto Bellinzani CDs
Paolo Benedetto Bellinzani MP3s
Paolo Benedetto Bellinzani Books

Antonia Bembo

(c. 1640 - 1720)
Wikipedia: Antonia Bembo
HOASM: Antonia Bembo
Google Scholar: Antonia Bembo
Google Books: Antonia Bembo
CMA: BEMBO, Antonia
Antonia Bembo Sheet Music
Antonia Bembo CDs
Antonia Bembo Books

Franz Benda

(1709 - 1786)
Wikipedia: Franz Benda
HOASM: Franz Benda
Google Scholar: Franz Benda
Google Books: Franz Benda
Franz Benda Sheet Music
Franz Benda CDs
Franz Benda MP3s
Franz Benda Books

Cesare Bendinelli

(fl. c. 1700)
Wikipedia: Cesare Bendinelli
Google Scholar: Cesare Bendinelli
Google Books: Cesare Bendinelli
Cesare Bendinelli Sheet Music
Cesare Bendinelli CDs
Cesare Bendinelli MP3s
Cesare Bendinelli Books

Maternus Beringer

(1580 - after 1632)
Google Scholar: Maternus Beringer
Google Books: Maternus Beringer
Maternus Beringer Books

Stefano Bernardi

(1577 - 1637)
Google Scholar: Stefano Bernardi
Google Books: Stefano Bernardi
Stefano Bernardi Sheet Music
Stefano Bernardi CDs
Stefano Bernardi Books

Christoph Bernhard

(1628 - 1692)
Wikipedia: Christoph Bernhard
Bach-Cantatas: Christoph Bernhard
HOASM: Christoph Bernhard
Google Scholar: Christoph Bernhard
Google Books: Christoph Bernhard
Christoph Bernhard Sheet Music
Christoph Bernhard CDs
Christoph Bernhard MP3s
Christoph Bernhard Books

Antonio Bertali

(1605 - 1669)
Wikipedia: Antonio Bertali
HOASM: Antonio Bertali
Google Scholar: Antonio Bertali
Google Books: Antonio Bertali
YouTube Video: Antonio Bertali
Antonio Bertali Sheet Music
Antonio Bertali CDs
Antonio Bertali MP3s
Antonio Bertali Books

Alessandro Besozzi

(1702 - 1793)
Wikipedia: Alessandro Besozzi
HOASM: Alessandro Besozzi
Google Scholar: Alessandro Besozzi
Google Books: Alessandro Besozzi
YouTube Video: Alessandro Besozzi
Alessandro Besozzi Sheet Music
Alessandro Besozzi CDs
Alessandro Besozzi MP3s
Alessandro Besozzi Books

Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber

(1644 - 1704)
Wikipedia: Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber
Heinrich Biber Homepage
CN: Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber
HOASM: Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber
Google Scholar: Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber
Google Books: Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber
YouTube Video: Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber
CMA: BIBER, Heinrich Franz von
Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber Sheet Music
Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber CDs
Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber MP3s
Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber Books

John Bishop

(c. 1665 - 1737)
WIMA: John Bishop
Google Scholar: John Bishop
Google Books: John Bishop

Michel Blavet

(1700 - 1768)
Wikipedia: Michel Blavet
Google Scholar: Michel Blavet
Google Books: Michel Blavet
YouTube Video: Michel Blavet
Michel Blavet Sheet Music
Michel Blavet CDs
Michel Blavet Books

John Blow

(1649 - 1708)
Wikipedia: John Blow
HOASM: John Blow
Google Scholar: John Blow
Google Books: John Blow
YouTube Video: John Blow
MW: Blow, John
John Blow Sheet Music
John Blow CDs
John Blow MP3s
John Blow Books

Mlle Bocquet

(early 17th cent. - after 1660)
Wikipedia: Mlle Bocquet
Google Scholar: Mlle Bocquet
Google Books: Mlle Bocquet
Mlle Bocquet Books

Sebastian Bodinus

(c. 1700 - 1759)
Wikipedia: Sebastian Bodinus
Google Scholar: Sebastian Bodinus
Google Books: Sebastian Bodinus
Sebastian Bodinus Sheet Music
Sebastian Bodinus CDs
Sebastian Bodinus Books

Georg Böhm

(1661 - 1733)
Wikipedia: Georg Böhm
Bach-Cantatas: Georg Böhm
HOASM: Georg Böhm
Google Scholar: Georg Böhm
Google Books: Georg Böhm
YouTube Video: Georg Böhm
Georg Boehm Sheet Music
Georg Boehm CDs
Georg Boehm MP3s
Georg Boehm Books

Antoine Boësset

(1586 - 1643)
Wikipedia: Antoine Boësset
HOASM: Antoine Boësset
Google Scholar: Antoine Boësset
Google Books: Antoine Boësset
YouTube Video: Antoine Boesset
Antoine Boesset Sheet Music
Antoine Boesset CDs
Antoine Boesset MP3s
Antoine Boesset Books

Joseph Bodin de Boismortier

(1689 - 1755)
Wikipedia: Joseph Bodin de Boismortier
Google Scholar: Joseph Bodin de Boismortier
Google Books: Joseph Bodin de Boismortier
YouTube Video: Joseph Bodin de Boismortier
CMA: BOISMORTIER, Joseph Bodin de
MW: Boismortier, Joseph Bodin de
Joseph Bodin de Boismortier Sheet Music
Joseph Bodin de Boismortier CDs
Joseph Bodin de Boismortier MP3s
Joseph Bodin de Boismortier Books

Capel Bond

(1730 - 1790)
HOASM: Capel Bond
18th Century English Music - Capel Bond
Google Scholar: Capel Bond
Google Books: Capel Bond
YouTube Video: Capel Bond
Capel Bond CDs

Severo Bonini

(1582 - 1663)
Wikipedia: Severo Bonini
HOASM: Severo Bonini
Google Scholar: Severo Bonini
Google Books: Severo Bonini
YouTube Video: Severo Bonini
Severo Bonini CDs
Severo Bonini Books

Giuseppe Bonno

(1711 - 1788)
Wikipedia: Giuseppe Bonno
HOASM: Giuseppe Bonno
Google Scholar: Giuseppe Bonno
Google Books: Giuseppe Bonno
Giuseppe Bonno Books

Antonio Maria Bononcini

(1677 - 1726)
Wikipedia: Antonio Maria Bononcini
HOASM: Antonio Maria Bononcini
Google Scholar: Antonio Maria Bononcini
Google Books: Antonio Maria Bononcini
YouTube Video: Antonio Maria Bononcini
Antonio Maria Bononcini CDs
Antonio Maria Bononcini MP3s
Antonio Maria Bononcini Books

Giovanni Battista Bononcini

(1670 - 1747)
Wikipedia: Giovanni Battista Bononcini
Giovanni Battista Bononcini
HOASM: Giovanni Bononcini
Google Scholar: Giovanni Battista Bononcini
Google Books: Giovanni Battista Bononcini
YouTube Video: Giovanni Battista Bononcini
MW: Bononcini, Giovanni
Giovanni Battista Bononcini Sheet Music
Giovanni Battista Bononcini CDs
Giovanni Battista Bononcini MP3s
Giovanni Battista Bononcini Books

Giovanni Maria Bononcini

(1642 - 1678)
Wikipedia: Giovanni Maria Bononcini
HOASM: Giovanni Maria Bononcini
Google Scholar: Giovanni Maria Bononcini
Google Books: Giovanni Maria Bononcini
Giovanni Maria Bononcini Sheet Music
Giovanni Maria Bononcini CDs
Giovanni Maria Bononcini MP3s
Giovanni Maria Bononcini Books

Francesco Bonporti

(1672 - 1748)
HOASM: Francesco Antonio Bonporti
Wikipedia: Francesco Bonporti
Bach-Cantatas: Francesco Antonio Bonporti
Baroque Composers and Musicians - Francesco Antonio Bonporti
Google Scholar: Francesco Bonporti
Google Books: Francesco Bonporti
YouTube Video: Francesco Bonporti
Francesco Antonio Bonporti Sheet Music
Francesco Antonio Bonporti CDs
Francesco Antonio Bonporti Books

Giovanni Andrea Bontempi

(1624 - 1705)
HOASM: Giovanni Andrea Bontempi
Google Scholar: Giovanni Andrea Bontempi
Google Books: Giovanni Andrea Bontempi
Giovanni Andrea Bontempi Sheet Music
Giovanni Andrea Bontempi Books

Melchior Borchgrevinck

(c. 1570 - 1632)
HOASM: Melchior Borchgrevinck
Google Scholar: Melchior Borchgrevinck
Google Books: Melchior Borchgrevinck
Melchior Borchgrevinck CDs
Melchior Borchgrevinck Books

William Boyce

(1711 - 1779)
Wikipedia: William Boyce
18th Century English Music - William Boyce
Baroque Composers and Musicians - William Boyce
CN: William Boyce
HOASM: William Boyce
Google Scholar: William Boyce
Google Books: William Boyce
YouTube Video: William Boyce
CMA: BOYCE, William
William Boyce Sheet Music
William Boyce CDs
William Boyce MP3s
William Boyce Books

Jacques Boyvin

(c. 1653 - 1706)
Wikipedia: Jacques Boyvin
Google Scholar: Jacques Boyvin
Google Books: Jacques Boyvin
YouTube Video: Jacques Boyvin
Jacques Boyvin Sheet Music
Jacques Boyvin CDs
Jacques Boyvin MP3s
Jacques Boyvin Books

Hans Brachrogge

(? - c. 1638)
HOASM: Hans Brachrogge
Google Scholar: Hans Brachrogge
Google Books: Hans Brachrogge
Hans Brachrogge CDs
Hans Brachrogge Books

Per Brant

(1714 - 1767)
WIMA: Per Brant
Google Scholar: Per Brant
Google Books: Per Brant
Per Brant CDs

Johann Georg Franz Braun

(before 1630 - after 1675)
WIMA: Johann Georg Franz Braun
Google Books: Johann Georg Franz Braun
Johann Georg Franz Braun Sheet Music
Johann Georg Franz Braun CDs

Wolfgang Carl Briegel

(1626 - 1712)
Wikipedia: Wolfgang Carl Briegel
Google Scholar: Wolfgang Carl Briegel
Google Books: Wolfgang Carl Briegel
Wolfgang Carl Briegel Sheet Music
Wolfgang Carl Briegel CDs
Wolfgang Carl Briegel Books

Estevao de Brito

(1575 - 1641)
Wikipedia: Estevao de Brito
Google Scholar: Estevao de Brito
Google Books: Estevao de Brito
Estevao de Brito CDs
Estevao de Brito Books

Riccardo Broschi

(1698 - 1756)
Wikipedia: Riccardo Broschi
HOASM: Riccardo Broschi
Google Scholar: Riccardo Broschi
Google Books: Riccardo Broschi
YouTube Video: Riccardo Broschi
Riccardo Broschi CDs
Riccardo Broschi MP3s
Riccardo Broschi Books

Sébastien de Brossard

(1655 - 1730)
Wikipedia: Sébastien de Brossard
Google Scholar: Sébastien de Brossard
Google Books: Sébastien de Brossard
YouTube Video: Sebastien de Brossard
Sebastien de Brossard Sheet Music
Sebastien de Brossard CDs
Sebastien de Brossard Books

Nicolaus Bruhns

(1665 - 1697)
Wikipedia: Nicolaus Bruhns
Bach-Cantatas: Nicolaus Bruhns
HOASM: Nicolaus Bruhns
Google Scholar: Nicolaus Bruhns
Google Books: Nicolaus Bruhns
YouTube Video: Nicolaus Bruhns
CMA: BRUHNS, Nicolaus
MW: Bruhns, Nikolaus
Nicolaus Bruhns Sheet Music
Nicolaus Bruhns CDs
Nicolaus Bruhns MP3s
Nicolaus Bruhns Books

Pablo Bruna

(1611 - 1679)
Wikipedia: Pablo Bruna
Google Scholar: Pablo Bruna
Google Books: Pablo Bruna
YouTube Video: Pablo Bruna
Pablo Bruna Sheet Music
Pablo Bruna CDs
Pablo Bruna MP3s
Pablo Bruna Books

Pierre-Gabriel Buffardin

(1690 - 1768)
Wikipedia: Pierre-Gabriel Buffardin
Google Scholar: Pierre-Gabriel Buffardin
Google Books: Pierre-Gabriel Buffardin
Pierre-Gabriel Buffardin CDs
Pierre-Gabriel Buffardin Books

Giovanni Battista Buonamente

(1595 - 1642)
Wikipedia: Giovanni Battista Buonamente
HOASM: Giovanni Battista Buonamente
Google Scholar: Giovanni Battista Buonamente
Google Books: Giovanni Battista Buonamente
Giovanni Battista Buonamente Sheet Music
Giovanni Battista Buonamente CDs
Giovanni Battista Buonamente MP3s
Giovanni Battista Buonamente Books

Gioan Pietro Del Buono

(fl. 1641)
WIMA: Gioan Pietro Del Buono
Google Scholar: Gioan Pietro Del Buono
Google Books: Gioan Pietro Del Buono

Pieter Bustijn

(1649 - 1729)
Wikipedia: Pieter Bustijn
Google Scholar: Pieter Bustijn
Google Books: Pieter Bustijn
Pieter Bustijn CDs
Pieter Bustijn Books

Crato Butner

(1616 - 1679)
Bach-Cantatas: Crato Butner
Google Scholar: Crato Butner
Google Books: Crato Butner
Crato Butner Books

Johann Heinrich Buttstett

(1666 - 1727)
Wikipedia: Johann Heinrich Buttstett
Bach-Cantatas: Johann Heinrich Buttstett
Google Scholar: Johann Heinrich Buttstett
Google Books: Johann Heinrich Buttstett
Johann Heinrich Buttstett Sheet Music
Johann Heinrich Buttstett CDs
Johann Heinrich Buttstett Books

Dieterich Buxtehude

(1637 - 1707)
Wikipedia: Dieterich Buxtehude
Bach-Cantatas: Dieterich Buxtehude
Baroque Composers and Musicians - Diderik Buxtehude
International Dietrick Buxtehude Society
CN: Dietrich Buxtehude
HOASM: Dietrich Buxtehude
Google Scholar: Dieterich Buxtehude
Google Books: Dieterich Buxtehude
YouTube Video: Dieterich Buxtehude
Dieterich Buxtehude Sheet Music
Dieterich Buxtehude CDs
Dieterich Buxtehude MP3s
Dieterich Buxtehude Books