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Werner Fabricius

(1633 - 1679)
Bach-Cantatas: Werner Fabricius
HOASM: Werner Fabricius
Google Scholar: Werner Fabricius
Google Books: Werner Fabricius
Google Images: Werner Fabricius
Werner Fabricius CDs
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Adam Falckenhagen

(1697 - 1761)
Wikipedia: Adam Falckenhagen
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Adam Falckenhagen Sheet Music
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Andrea Falconieri

(c. 1585 - 1656)
Wikipedia: Andrea Falconieri
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YouTube Video: Andrea Falconieri
WIMA: Andrea Falconieri
Andrea Falconieri Sheet Music
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Girolamo Fantini

(1600 - 1675)
Wikipedia: Girolamo Fantini
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WIMA: Girolamo Fantini
Girolamo Fantini Sheet Music
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Johann Friedrich Fasch

(1688 - 1758)
Johann Friedrich Fasch
Wikipedia: Johann Friedrich Fasch
Bach-Cantatas: Johann Friedrich Fasch
HOASM: Johann Friedrich Fasch
Google Scholar: Johann Friedrich Fasch
Google Books: Johann Friedrich Fasch
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CMA: FASCH, Johann Friedrich
MW: Fasch, Johann Friedrich
WIMA: Johann Friedrich Fasch
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Benedetto Ferrari

(c. 1603 - 1681)
Wikipedia: Benedetto Ferrari
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YouTube Video: Benedetto Ferrari
Benedetto Ferrari CDs
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Giovanni Battista Ferrini

(1601 - 1674)
WIMA: Giovanni Battista Ferrini
Google Scholar: Giovanni Battista Ferrini
Google Books: Giovanni Battista Ferrini
WIMA: Giovanni Battista Ferrini
Giovanni Battista Ferrini Books

Willem de Fesch

(1687 - 1761)
Wikipedia: Willem de Fesch
HOASM: Willem de Fesch
Google Scholar: Willem de Fesch
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Google Images: Willem de Fesch
YouTube Video: Willem de Fesch
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Willem de Fesch Sheet Music
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Michael Christian Festing

(1705 - 1752)
18th Century English Music - Michael Festing
HOASM: Michael Christian Festing
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Google Images: Michael Christian Festing
YouTube Video: Michael Christian Festing
Michael Christian Festing Sheet Music
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Pierre Fevrier

(1696 - 1764)
Wikipedia: Pierre Fevrier
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Google Books: Pierre Fevrier
Pierre Fevrier CDs

Carlo Filago

(1589 - 1644)
WIMA: Carlo Filago
Google Books: Carlo Filago
WIMA: Carlo Filago
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Gottfried Finger

(1660 - 1730)
Wikipedia: Gottfried Finger
HOASM: Gottfried Finger
Google Scholar: Gottfried Finger
Google Books: Gottfried Finger
YouTube Video: Gottfried Finger
CMA: FINGER, Gottfried
WIMA: Gottfried Finger
Gottfried Finger Sheet Music
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Pietro Antonio Fiocco

(1654 - 1714)
Wikipedia: Pietro Antonio Fiocco
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Google Books: Pietro Antonio Fiocco
YouTube Video: Pietro Antonio Fiocco
Pietro Antonio Fiocco CDs
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Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer

(c. 1670 - 1746)
Wikipedia: Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer
Bach-Cantatas: Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer
Google Scholar: Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer
Google Books: Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer
YouTube Video: Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer
WIMA: Johann Kaspar Ferdinand Fischer
Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer CDs
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Christian Flor

(1626 - 1697)
Bach-Cantatas: Christian Flor
Google Scholar: Christian Flor
Google Books: Christian Flor
Christian Flor CDs
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Francesco Foggia

(1604 - 1688)
Wikipedia: Francesco Foggia
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Google Books: Francesco Foggia
Google Images: Francesco Foggia
YouTube Video: Francesco Foggia
Francesco Foggia CDs
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Giovanni Battista Fontana

(c. 1571 - c. 1630)
Wikipedia: Giovanni Battista Fontana
HOASM: Giovanni Battista Fontana
Google Scholar: Giovanni Battista Fontana
Google Books: Giovanni Battista Fontana
YouTube Video: Giovanni Battista Fontana
WIMA: Giovanni Battista Fontana
Giovanni Battista Fontana Sheet Music
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Thomas Ford

(c. 1580 - 1648)
Wikipedia: Thomas Ford
HOASM: Thomas Ford
Google Scholar: Thomas Ford
Google Books: Thomas Ford
YouTube Video: Thomas Ford
CMA: FORD, Thomas
Thomas Ford Sheet Music
Thomas Ford CDs
Thomas Ford Books

Antoine Forqueray

(1671 - 1745)
Wikipedia: Antoine Forqueray
HOASM: Antoine Forqueray
Google Scholar: Antoine Forqueray
Google Books: Antoine Forqueray
Google Images: Antoine Forqueray
YouTube Video: Antoine Forqueray
WIMA: Antoine Forqueray
Antoine Forqueray Sheet Music
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Johann Philipp Fortsch

(1652 - 1732)
Bach-Cantatas: Johann Philipp Fortsch
Google Scholar: Johann Philipp Fortsch
Google Books: Johann Philipp Fortsch
Johann Philipp Fortsch CDs
Johann Philipp Fortsch Books

Pierre-Claude Foucquet

(1694 - 1772)
Wikipedia: Pierre-Claude Foucquet
Google Scholar: Pierre-Claude Foucquet
Google Books: Pierre-Claude Foucquet
Google Images: Pierre-Claude Foucquet
WIMA: Pierre-Claude Foucquet
Pierre-Claude Foucquet Sheet Music
Pierre-Claude Foucquet Books

Petronio Franceschini

(1650 - 1680)
Wikipedia: Petronio Franceschini
Google Scholar: Petronio Franceschini
Google Books: Petronio Franceschini
YouTube Video: Petronio Franceschini
WIMA: Petronio Franceschini
Petronio Franceschini Sheet Music
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Johann Wolfgang Franck

(1644 - 1710)
Bach-Cantatas: Johann Wolfgang Franck
Google Scholar: Johann Wolfgang Franck
Google Books: Johann Wolfgang Franck
Johann Wolfgang Franck CDs
Johann Wolfgang Franck Books

Melchior Franck

(1579 - 1639)
Wikipedia: Melchior Franck
Bach-Cantatas: Melchior Franck
HOASM: Melchior Franck
Google Scholar: Melchior Franck
Google Books: Melchior Franck
Google Images: Melchior Franck
YouTube Video: Melchior Franck
CMA: FRANCK, Melchior
WIMA: Melchior Franck
Melchior Franck Sheet Music
Melchior Franck CDs
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Melchior Franck Books

Francois Francoeur

(1698 - 1787)
Wikipedia: Francois Francoeur
Google Scholar: Francois Francoeur
Google Books: Francois Francoeur
Francois Francoeur Sheet Music
Francois Francoeur CDs
Francois Francoeur MP3s
Francois Francoeur Books

Amante Franzoni

(fl. 1605 - 1630)
WIMA: Amante Franzoni
Google Scholar: Amante Franzoni
Google Books: Amante Franzoni
WIMA: Amante Franzoni
Amante Franzoni CDs
Amante Franzoni Books

Frederick the Great

(1712 - 1786)
Wikipedia: Frederick the Great
HOASM: At the Court of Frederick the Great
Google Scholar: Frederick the Great
Google Books: Frederick the Great
Google Images: Frederick the Great
YouTube Video: Frederick the Great
Frederick the Great Sheet Music
Frederick the Great CDs
Frederick the Great Books

Girolamo Frescobaldi

(1583 - 1643)
Wikipedia: Girolamo Frescobaldi
Bach-Cantatas: Girolamo Frescobaldi
CN: Girolamo Frescobaldi
HOASM: Girolamo Frescobaldi
Google Scholar: Girolamo Frescobaldi
Google Books: Girolamo Frescobaldi
Google Images: Girolamo Frescobaldi
YouTube Video: Girolamo Frescobaldi
WIMA: Girolamo Frescobaldi
Girolamo Frescobaldi Sheet Music
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Johann Anastasius Freylinghausen

(1670 - 1739)
Bach-Cantatas: Johann Anastasius Freylinghausen
Google Scholar: Johann Anastasius Freylinghausen
Google Books: Johann Anastasius Freylinghausen
Google Images: Johann Anastasius Freylinghausen
Johann Anastasius Freylinghausen CDs
Johann Anastasius Freylinghausen Books

Ahasverus Fritsch

(1629 - 1701)
Bach-Cantatas: Ahasverus Fritsch
Google Scholar: Ahasverus Fritsch
Google Books: Ahasverus Fritsch
Google Images: Ahasverus Fritsch
Ahasverus Fritsch Books

Johann Jakob Froberger

(1616 - 1667)
Wikipedia: Johann Jakob Froberger
CN: Johann Jakob Froberger
HOASM: Johann Jacob Froberger
Google Scholar: Johann Jakob Froberger
Google Books: Johann Jakob Froberger
Google Images: Johann Jakob Froberger
YouTube Video: Johann Jakob Froberger
CMA: FROBERGER, Johann Jakob
WIMA: Jakob Johann Froberger
Johann Jakob Froberger Sheet Music
Johann Jakob Froberger CDs
Johann Jakob Froberger MP3s
Johann Jakob Froberger Books

Friedrich Funcke

(1642 - 1699)
Bach-Cantatas: Friedrich Funcke
Google Scholar: Friedrich Funcke
Google Books: Friedrich Funcke
Friedrich Funcke Sheet Music
Friedrich Funcke Books

Johann Wilhelm Furchheim

(c. 1635 - 1682)
Wikipedia: Johann Wilhelm Furchheim
Google Scholar: Johann Wilhelm Furchheim
Google Books: Johann Wilhelm Furchheim
WIMA: Johann Wilhelm Furchheim
Johann Wilhelm Furchheim CDs
Johann Wilhelm Furchheim Books

Johann Joseph Fux

(1660 - 1741)
Wikipedia: Johann Joseph Fux
Bach-Cantatas: Johann Joseph Fux
Johann Joseph Fux
Baroque Composers and Musicians - Johann Josef Fux
HOASM: Johann Joseph Fux
Google Scholar: Johann Joseph Fux
Google Books: Johann Joseph Fux
Google Images: Johann Joseph Fux
YouTube Video: Johann Joseph Fux
CMA: FUX, Johann Joseph
WIMA: Johann Joseph Fux
Johann Joseph Fux Sheet Music
Johann Joseph Fux CDs
Johann Joseph Fux MP3s
Johann Joseph Fux Books