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Thomas Mace

(1612? - 1706?)
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Manuel Machado

(c. 1585 - 1646)
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Francesco Mancini

(1672 - 1737)
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Francesco Manelli

(1594 - 1667)
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Francesco Onofrio Manfredini

(1684 - 1762)
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Marin Marais

(1656 - 1728)
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Marco Marazzoli

(c. 1605 - 1662)
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Alessandro Marcello

(1669 - 1747)
Wikipedia: Alessandro Marcello
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Baroque Composers and Musicians - Alessandro & Benedetto Marcello
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Benedetto Marcello

(1686 - 1739)
Wikipedia: Benedetto Marcello
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Baroque Composers and Musicians - Alessandro & Benedetto Marcello
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Louis Marchand

(1669 - 1732)
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José Marín

(1618 - 1699)
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Biagio Marini

(c. 1595 - 1663)
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Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg

(1718 - 1795)
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WIMA: Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg
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Richard Martin

(fl. c. 1610)
HOASM: Richard Martin
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Richard Martin Sheet Music

Giovanni Battista Martini

(1706 - 1784)
Wikipedia: Giovanni Battista Martini
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George Mason

(fl. 1611 to 1618)
HOASM: George Mason
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Jean-Baptiste Masse

(c. 1700 - c. 1756)
Wikipedia: Jean-Baptiste Masse
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Jean-Baptiste Masse Sheet Music
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Nicola Matteis

(? - 1714)
Wikipedia: Nicola Matteis
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WIMA: Nicola Matteis
Nicola Matteis Sheet Music
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Johann Mattheson

(1681 - 1764)
Wikipedia: Johann Mattheson
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YouTube Video: Johann Mattheson
CMA: Mattheson, Johann
WIMA: Johann Mattheson
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Andrea Mattioli

(c. 1620 - 1679)
WIMA: Andrea Mattioli
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YouTube Video: Andrea Mattioli
WIMA: Andrea Mattioli
Andrea Mattioli Books

Domenico Mazzocchi

(1592 - 1665)
Wikipedia: Domenico Mazzocchi
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Google Books: Domenico Mazzocchi
YouTube Video: Domenico Mazzocchi
Domenico Mazzocchi Sheet Music
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Virgilio Mazzocchi

(1597 - 1646)
Wikipedia: Virgilio Mazzocchi
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Google Books: Virgilio Mazzocchi
WIMA: Virgilio Mazzocchi
Virgilio Mazzocchi Sheet Music
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William McGibbon

(1690 - 1756)
Wikipedia: William McGibbon
Google Scholar: William McGibbon
Google Books: William McGibbon
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William McGibbon Books

Alessandro Melani

(1639 - 1703)
Google Scholar: Alessandro Melani
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Alessandro Melani Sheet Music
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Alessandro Melani Books

Jacopo Melani

(1623 - 1676)
Wikipedia: Jacopo Melani
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Google Books: Jacopo Melani
Google Images: Jacopo Melani
YouTube Video: Jacopo Melani
Jacopo Melani Books

Diogo Dias Melgás

(1638 - 1700)
Wikipedia: Diogo Dias Melgás
Google Books: Diogo Dias Melgás
YouTube Video: Diogo Dias Melgás
MW: Melgas, Diogo Dias
Diogo Dias Melgaz CDs
Diogo Dias Melgaz Books

Domenico Maria Melli

(fl. c. 1602)
Google Scholar: Domenico Maria Melli
Google Books: Domenico Maria Melli
Domenico Maria Melli Sheet Music
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Domenico Maria Melli Books

Pierre Menault

(1642 -1694)
Google Scholar: Pierre Menault
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Pierre Menault Books

Matthias Mercker

(c. 1575 - c. 1622)
Google Scholar: Matthias Mercker
Google Books: Matthias Mercker
WIMA: Matthias Mercker
Matthias Mercker Books

Tarquinio Merula

(c. 1594 - 1665)
Wikipedia: Tarquinio Merula
HOASM: Tarquinio Merula
Google Scholar: Tarquinio Merula
Google Books: Tarquinio Merula
YouTube Video: Tarquinio Merula
WIMA: Tarquinio Merula
Tarquinio Merula Sheet Music
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Tarquinio Merula Books

Guillielmus Messaus

(1589 - 1640)
Wikipedia: Guillielmus Messaus
Google Scholar: Guillielmus Messaus
Google Books: Guillielmus Messaus

Richard Mico

(1590 - 1661)
HOASM: Richard Mico
Google Scholar: Richard Mico
Google Books: Richard Mico
WIMA: Richard Mico
Richard Mico Sheet Music
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Richard Mico Books

Marcin Mielczewski

(c. 1600 - 1651)
Wikipedia: Marcin Mielczewski
HOASM: Marcin Mielczewski
Google Scholar: Marcin Mielczewski
Google Books: Marcin Mielczewski
YouTube Video: Marcin Mielczewski
Marcin Mielczewski CDs
Marcin Mielczewski Books

Louis de Mollier

(c. 1613 - 1688)
Google Scholar: Louis de Mollier
Google Books: Louis de Mollier
Louis de Mollier Books

Johann Melchior Molter

(1696 - 1765)
Wikipedia: Johann Melchior Molter
Bach-Cantatas: Johann Melchior Molter
Google Scholar: Johann Melchior Molter
Google Books: Johann Melchior Molter
Google Images: Johann Melchior Molter
Johann Melchior Molter Sheet Music
Johann Melchior Molter CDs
Johann Melchior Molter MP3s
Johann Melchior Molter Books

Jean Joseph de Mondonville

(1711 - 1772)
Wikipedia: Jean-Joseph de Mondonville
HOASM: Jean-Joseph Cassanéa de Mondonville
Google Scholar: Jean de Mondonville
Google Books: Jean Joseph de Mondonville
Google Images: Jean Joseph de Mondonville
YouTube Video: Jean Joseph de Mondonville
WIMA: Jean Joseph Cassanéa de Mondonville
Jean Joseph de Mondonville Sheet Music
Jean Joseph de Mondonville CDs
Jean Joseph de Mondonville MP3s
Jean Joseph de Mondonville Books

Natale Monferrato

(1603 - 1685)
HOASM: Natale Monferrato
WIMA: Natale Monferrato
Google Scholar: Natale Monferrato
Google Books: Natale Monferrato
WIMA: Natale Monferrato
Natale Monferrato CDs
Natale Monferrato Books

Claudio Monteverdi

(1567 - 1643)
Wikipedia: Claudio Monteverdi
HOASM: Claudio Monteverdi [Monteverde]
Claudio Monteverdi
Google Scholar: Claudio Monteverdi
Google Books: Claudio Monteverdi
Google Images: Claudio Monteverdi
YouTube Video: Claudio Monteverdi
MW: Monteverdi, Claudio
WIMA: Claudio Monteverdi
Claudio Monteverdi Sheet Music
Claudio Monteverdi CDs
Claudio Monteverdi DVDs
Claudio Monteverdi MP3s
Claudio Monteverdi Books

Michel Pignolet de Montéclair

(1667 - 1737)
Wikipedia: Michel Pignolet de Montéclair
HOASM: Michel Pignolet de Montéclair
Google Scholar: Michel Pignolet de Montéclair
Google Books: Michel Pignolet de Montéclair
Michel Pignolet de Monteclair Sheet Music
Michel Pignolet de Monteclair CDs
Michel Pignolet de Monteclair MP3s
Michel Pignolet de Monteclair Books

Estevao Lopez Morago

(c. 1575 - after 1630)
Wikipedia: Esteban López Morago
Google Scholar: Estevao Lopez Morago
Google Books: Estevao Lopez Morago
Estevao Lopez Morago Books

Sebastiano Moratelli

(1640 - 1706)
Google Scholar: Sebastiano Moratelli
Google Books: Sebastiano Moratelli
Sebastiano Moratelli CDs
Sebastiano Moratelli Books

Peter Morhard


Peter Mohrhardt

(? - 1685)
Wikipedia: Peter Mohrhardt
Bach-Cantatas: Peter Morhard )
Google Scholar: Peter Morhard
Google Books: Peter Morhard
WIMA: Peter Mohrhardt
Peter Morhard CDs

Antonio Mortaro

(fl. 1587 - 1610)
HOASM: Antonio Mortaro
Google Scholar: Antonio Mortaro
Google Books: Antonio Mortaro
WIMA: Antonio Mortaro
Antonio Mortaro Sheet Music
Antonio Mortaro CDs
Antonio Mortaro Books

Jean-Joseph Mouret

(1682 - 1738)
Wikipedia: Jean-Joseph Mouret
HOASM: Jean-Joseph Mouret
Google Scholar: Jean-Joseph Mouret
Google Books: Jean-Joseph Mouret
YouTube Video: Jean-Joseph Mouret
CMA: MOURET, Jean Joseph
WIMA: Jean-Joseph Mouret
Jean-Joseph Mouret Sheet Music
Jean-Joseph Mouret CDs
Jean-Joseph Mouret MP3s
Jean-Joseph Mouret Books

Christophe Moyreau

(c. 1690 - c. 1772)
Wikipedia: Christophe Moyreau
Google Scholar: Christophe Moyreau
Google Books: Christophe Moyreau
WIMA: Christophe Moyreau
Christophe Moyreau Books

Leopold Mozart

(1719 - 1787)
Wikipedia: Leopold Mozart
HOASM: (Johann Georg) Leopold Mozart
Google Scholar: Leopold Mozart
Google Books: Leopold Mozart
Google Images: Leopold Mozart
YouTube Video: Leopold Mozart
CMA: MOZART, Leopold
WIMA: Leopold Mozart
Leopold Mozart Sheet Music
Leopold Mozart CDs
Leopold Mozart MP3s
Leopold Mozart Books

Georg Muffat

(1653 - 1704)
Wikipedia: Georg Muffat
HOASM: Georg Muffat
Google Scholar: Georg Muffat
Google Books: Georg Muffat
Google Images: Georg Muffat
YouTube Video: Georg Muffat
WIMA: Georg Muffat
Georg Muffat Sheet Music
Georg Muffat CDs
Georg Muffat MP3s
Georg Muffat Books

Gottlieb Muffat

(1690 - 1770)
Wikipedia: Gottlieb Muffat
HOASM: Gottlieb Muffat
Google Scholar: Gottlieb Muffat
Google Books: Gottlieb Muffat
YouTube Video: Gottlieb Muffat
WIMA: Gottlieb Muffat
Gottlieb Muffat Sheet Music
Gottlieb Muffat CDs
Gottlieb Muffat MP3s
Gottlieb Muffat Books

Santiago de Murcia

(c. 1682 - c. 1740)
Wikipedia: Santiago de Murcia
HOASM: Santiago de Murcia
Google Scholar: Santiago de Murcia
Google Books: Santiago de Murcia
YouTube Video: Santiago de Murcia
Santiago de Murcia Sheet Music
Santiago de Murcia CDs
Santiago de Murcia MP3s
Santiago de Murcia Books

Franz Xaver Murschhauser

(1663 - 1738)
Wikipedia: Franz Xaver Murschhauser
Google Scholar: Franz Xaver Murschhauser
Google Books: Franz Xaver Murschhauser
WIMA: Franz Xaver Murschhauser
Franz Xaver Murschhauser Sheet Music
Franz Xaver Murschhauser CDs
Franz Xaver Murschhauser Books