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John Francis Wade

(1711 - 1786)
Wikipedia: John Francis Wade
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Google Books: John Francis Wade
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Georg Gottfried Wagner

(1698 - 1756)
Bach-Cantatas: Georg Gottfried Wagner
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William Walond

(1719 - 1768)
WIMA: William Walond
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William Walond Sheet Music
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Johann Gottfried Walther

(1684 - 1748)
Wikipedia: Johann Gottfried Walther
Bach-Cantatas: Johann Gottfried Walther
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Johann Jakob Walther

(c. 1650 - 1717)
Wikipedia: Johann Jakob Walther
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YouTube Video: Johann Jakob Walther
Johann Jakob Walther CDs
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Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer

(1692 - 1766)
Wikipedia: Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer
Unico Willem van Wassenaer
Baroque Composers and Musicians - Unico Willem van Wassenaer
CN: Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer
HOASM: Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer
Google Scholar: Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer
Google Books: Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer
YouTube Video: Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer
Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer Sheet Music
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William Webb

(c. 1600 - after 1656)
HOASM: William Webb
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William Webb CDs

Georg Caspar Wecker

(1632 - 1695)
Wikipedia: Georg Caspar Wecker
Bach-Cantatas: Georg Caspar Wecker
Google Scholar: Georg Caspar Wecker
Google Books: Georg Caspar Wecker
Georg Caspar Wecker CDs
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Matthias Weckmann

(c. 1616 - 1674)
Wikipedia: Matthias Weckmann
Bach-Cantatas: Matthias Weckmann
HOASM: Matthias Weckmann
Google Scholar: Matthias Weckmann
Google Books: Matthias Weckmann
YouTube Video: Matthias Weckmann
Matthias Weckmann Sheet Music
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Sylvius Leopold Weiss

(1686 - 1750)
Wikipedia: Sylvius Leopold Weiss
Bach-Cantatas: Sylvius Leopold Weiss
Silvius Leopold Weiss
CN: Silvius Leopold Weiss
Google Scholar: Sylvius Leopold Weiss
Google Books: Sylvius Leopold Weiss
YouTube Video: Sylvius Leopold Weiss
CMA: WEISS, Silvius Leopol
Sylvius Leopold Weiss Sheet Music
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Gregor Joseph Werner

(1693 - 1766)
Wikipedia: Gregor Werner
Bach-Cantatas: Gregor Joseph Werner
Google Scholar: Gregor Joseph Werner
Google Books: Gregor Joseph Werner
Gregor Joseph Werner Sheet Music
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Gregor Joseph Werner Books

Johann Paul von Westhoff

(1656 - 1705)
Wikipedia: Johann Paul von Westhoff
HOASM: Johann Paul von Westhoff
Google Scholar: Johann Paul von Westhoff
Google Books: Johann Paul von Westhoff
Johann Paul von Westhoff CDs
Johann Paul von Westhoff Books

Johann Hugo von Wilderer

(1670 - 1734)
Bach-Cantatas: Johann Hugo von Wilderer
Google Scholar: Johann Hugo von Wilderer
Google Books: Johann Hugo von Wilderer
Johann Hugo von Wilderer CDs
Johann Hugo von Wilderer Books


(1709 - 1758)
Wikipedia: Princess Wilhelmine of Prussia
HOASM: At the Court of Frederick the Great
Google Scholar: Wilhelmine
Google Books: Wilhelmine
Wilhelmine Sheet Music
Wilhelmine Books

William Williams

(1677 - 1704)
Google Scholar: William Williams
Google Books: William Williams
YouTube Video: William Williams
MW: Williams, William
William Williams Sheet Music
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Christian Friedrich Witt

(c. 1660 - 1716)
Wikipedia: Christian Friedrich Witt
Bach-Cantatas: Christian Friedrich Witt
Google Scholar: Christian Friedrich Witt
Google Books: Christian Friedrich Witt
Christian Friedrich Witt Sheet Music
Christian Friedrich Witt CDs
Christian Friedrich Witt Books

Christian Michael Wolff

(1707 - 1789)
Bach-Cantatas: Christian Michael Wolff
Google Books: Christian Michael Wolff
Christian Michael Wolff CDs
Christian Michael Wolff MP3s
Christian Michael Wolff Books

Friedrich Wilhelm Zachau


Friedrich Wilhelm Zachow

(1663 - 1712)
Wikipedia: Friedrich Wilhelm Zachau
Wikipedia: Friedrich Wilhelm Zachow
Bach-Cantatas: Friedrich Wilhelm Zachow
Google Scholar: Friedrich Wilhelm Zachau
Google Books: Friedrich Wilhelm Zachau
Friedrich Wilhelm Zachau CDs
Friedrich Wilhelm Zachau MP3s
Friedrich Wilhelm Zachau Books

Giovanni Zamboni

(fl. early 18th c.)
Wikipedia: Giovanni Zamboni
Google Scholar: Giovanni Zamboni
Google Books: Giovanni Zamboni
YouTube Video: Giovanni Zamboni
Giovanni Zamboni Sheet Music
Giovanni Zamboni CDs
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Giovanni Zamboni Books

Andrea Zani

(1696 - 1757)
Wikipedia: Andrea Zani
Google Scholar: Andrea Zani
Google Books: Andrea Zani
Andrea Zani Sheet Music
Andrea Zani CDs
Andrea Zani Books

Jan Dismas Zelenka

(1679 - 1745)
Wikipedia: Jan Dismas Zelenka
Bach-Cantatas: Jan Dismas Zelenka
Jan Dismas Zelenka
Baroque Composers and Musicians - Jan Dismas Zelenka
CN: Jan Dismas Zelenka
HOASM: Jan Dismas Zelenka [Johann Dismas, Jan Lukás]
Google Scholar: Jan Dismas Zelenka
Google Books: Jan Dismas Zelenka
YouTube Video: Jan Dismas Zelenka
Jan Dismas Zelenka Sheet Music
Jan Dismas Zelenka CDs
Jan Dismas Zelenka MP3s
Jan Dismas Zelenka Books

Juan García de Zéspedes

(1619 - 1678)
Wikipedia: Juan García de Zéspedes
HOASM: Juan García de Zéspedes
Google Scholar: Juan García de Zéspedes
Google Books: Juan García de Zéspedes
YouTube Video: Juan García de Zéspedes
Juan Garcia de Zespedes CDs
Juan Garcia de Zespedes Books

Tobias Zeutschner

(1621 - 1675)
Bach-Cantatas: Tobias Zeutschner
Google Scholar: Tobias Zeutschner
Google Books: Tobias Zeutschner
Tobias Zeutschner Sheet Music
Tobias Zeutschner Books

Domenico Zipoli

(1688 - 1726)
Wikipedia: Domenico Zipoli
HOASM: Domenico Zipoli
Google Scholar: Domenico Zipoli
Google Books: Domenico Zipoli
YouTube Video: Domenico Zipoli
Domenico Zipoli Sheet Music
Domenico Zipoli CDs
Domenico Zipoli MP3s
Domenico Zipoli Books


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