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Adam de la Halle

(c. 1237 - c. 1288)
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Adam de St. Victor

(??? - 1146)
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Alfonso X of Castile

  (el Sabio)
(1221 - 1284)
Wikipedia: Alfonso X of Castile
Emperor of Culture: Alfonso X the Learned of Castile and His Thirteenth-Century Renaissance
Alfonso X, el Sabio
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Andrea da Firenze

(14th - 15th cent.)
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Antonio da Cividale

(fl. c. 1392 - 1421)
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Arnold de Lantins

(15th cent.)
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Azalais de Porcairagues

(12th cent.)
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Bartolino da Padova

(14th - 15th cent.)
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Bartolomeo da Bologna

(fl. 1405 - 1427)
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Bernard de Cluny

(12th cent.)
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Bernart de Ventadorn

(12th cent.)
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Bertran de Born

(1140s - 1215)
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Gilles Binchois

(c. 1400 - 1460)
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Blanche of Castile

(1188 - 1252)
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(14th -15th centuries)
Wikipedia: Borlet
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(15th cent.)
Wikipedia: Byttering
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