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Peire Cardenal

(1180 - 1278)
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(13th cent.)
Wikipedia: Castelloza
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Johannes Cesaris

(fl. c. 1406 - 1417)
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Johannes Ciconia

(14th - 15th cent.)
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Baude Cordier

(c. 1380 - c. 1440)
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Jean Cuvelier

(fl. 1372 - 1387)
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Arnaut Daniel

(13th cent.)
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Denis of Portugal

(1261 - 1325)
Wikipedia: Denis of Portugal
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Comtessa de Dia

(12th cent.)
Wikipedia: Comtessa de Dia
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Donato da Cascia

(14th cent.)
Wikipedia: Donato da Cascia
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John Dunstaple

(c. 1380 - 1453)
Wikipedia: John Dunstaple
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John Dunstable
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(14th - 15th cent.)
Wikipedia: Egardus
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Franco of Cologne

(c. 1240 - c. 1280)
Wikipedia: Franco of Cologne
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