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Neidhart von Reuenthal

(13th cent.)
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Niccolo da Perugia

(14th cent.)
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Notker of St. Gall

(c. 840 - 912)
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Odo of Cluny

(c. 878 - 942)
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Paolo da Firenze

(c. 1355 -c. 1436)
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(13th cent.)
Wikipedia: Perotin
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Perotin and Notre Dame Organum
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Petrus de Cruce

(13th cent.)
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Philipoctus de Caserta

(14th cent.)
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Philippe de Vitry

(1291 - 1361)
Wikipedia: Philippe de Vitry
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Maestro Piero

(c. 1300 - c. 1350)
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Leonel Power

(c. 1370 to 1385 - 1445)
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(14th - 15th cent.)
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