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Wolfgang Dachstein

(c. 1487 - 1553)
Bach-Cantatas: Wolfgang Dachstein
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John Danyel

(1564 - after 1625)
Wikipedia: John Danyel
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John Danyel Sheet Music
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Richard Davy

(c. 1465 - c. 1507)
Wikipedia: Richard Davy
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Richard Davy Sheet Music
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Esteban Daza

(c. 1537 - c. 1596)
Wikipedia: Esteban Daza
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Esteban Daza Sheet Music
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Christoph Demantius

(1567 - 1643)
Wikipedia: Christoph Demantius
HOASM: Johannes Christoph Demantius
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Christoph Demantius Sheet Music
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Fabrizio Dentice

(fl. c. 1550 - 1600)
Wikipedia: Fabrizio Dentice
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Fabrizio Dentice CDs
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Richard Dering

(c. 1580 - 1630)
Wikipedia: Richard Dering
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Richard Dering Sheet Music
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Sixt Dietrich

(c. 1490 - 1548)
Bach-Cantatas: Sixt Dietrich
HOASM: Sixt Dietrich
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Sixt Dietrich Sheet Music
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Girolamo Diruta

(c. 1554 - after 1610)
Wikipedia: Girolamo Diruta
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CMA: DIRUTA, Girolamo
Girolamo Diruta CDs
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Antonius Divitis

(c. 1470 -c. 1530)
Wikipedia: Antonius Divitis
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Antonius Divitis CDs
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Wojciech Dlugoraj

(c. 1557 - after 1619)
Wikipedia: Wojciech Dlugoraj
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Google Books: Wojciech Dlugoraj
YouTube Video: Wojciech Dlugoraj
Wojciech Dlugoraj CDs
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Petrus de Domarto

(fl. c. 1445 - 1455)
Wikipedia: Petrus de Domarto
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Google Books: Petrus de Domarto
Petrus de Domarto Sheet Music
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Baldassare Donato

(1525 to 1530 - 1603)
Wikipedia: Baldassare Donato
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CMA: DONATI, Baltassare
Baldassare Donato Sheet Music
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John Dowland

(1563 - 1626)
Wikipedia: John Dowland
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MW: Dowland, John
John Dowland Sheet Music
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Robert Dowland

(1591 - 1641)
Wikipedia: Robert Dowland
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Robert Dowland Sheet Music
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Giovanni Dragoni

(c. 1540 - 1598)
Wikipedia: Giovanni Dragoni
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Gallus Dressler

(1533 - c. 1580)
Wikipedia: Gallus Dressler
HOASM: Gallus Dressler
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Gallus Dressler Sheet Music
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Benedictus Ducis

(c. 1490 - 1544)
Bach-Cantatas: Benedictus Ducis
HOASM: Benedictus Ducis
Google Scholar: Benedictus Ducis
Google Books: Benedictus Ducis
Benedictus Ducis Sheet Music
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Guillaume Dufay

(c. 1397 - 1474)
Wikipedia: Guillaume Dufay
Bach-Cantatas: Guillaume Dufay
EMFAQ: Guillaume Dufay
CN: Guillaume Dufay
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Guillaume Dufay
Guillaume Dufay - A Bridge To the Renaissance
Guillaume Dufay
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CMA: DUFAY, Guillaume
Guillaume Dufay Sheet Music
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Francois Dulot

(c. 1520 - c. 1570)
WIMA: Francois Dulot
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