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Heinrich Faber

(1500 - 1552)
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John Farmer

(c. 1565 - 1605)
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Giles Farnaby

(c. 1565 - 1640)
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Richard Farnaby

(c. 1594 - 1623)
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Guillaume Faugues

(fl. c. 1460 - 1475)
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Robert Fayrfax

(1464 - 1521)
CN: Robert Fayrfax
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Fayrfax, Robert
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Gaspar Fernandes

(1566 - 1629)
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Lucas Fernandez

(1474? - 1542)
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Alfonso Ferrabosco the Eldar

(1543 - 1588)
Wikipedia: Alfonso Ferrabosco the Elder
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Alfonso Ferrabosco the younger

(c. 1572 - 1628)
Wikipedia: Alfonso Ferrabosco the younger
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Giovanni Ferretti

(c. 1540 - after 1609)
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Costanzo Festa

(c. 1495 - 1545)
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Giulio Fiesco

(fl. 1550 - 1570)
Wikipedia: Giulio Fiesco
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Heinrich Finck

(c. 1444 - c. 1527)
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Hermann Finck

(1527 - 1558)
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Mateo Flecha

(1481 - 1553)

Mateo Flecha el Joven

(1530- 1604)
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HOASM: Mateo Flecha el Joven
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Pierre Fontaine

(c. 1380 -c. 1450)
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Alfonso Fontanelli

(1557 - 1622)
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Georg Forster

(c. 1510 - 1568)
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Hernando Franco

(1532 - 1585)
Wikipedia: Hernando Franco
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CMA: FRANCO, Hernando
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Jehan Fresneau

(fl. 1468 - 1505)
Wikipedia: Jehan Fresneau
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Cornelius Freundt

(c. 1535 - 1591)
Bach-Cantatas: Cornelius Freundt
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Walter Frye

(fl. c. 1450 - 1475)
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Miguel de Fuenllana

(c. 1500 or 1525 - 1579)
Wikipedia: Miguel de Fuenllana
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Robert de Févin

(fl. late 15th cent. - early 16th cent.)
Wikipedia: Robert de Févin
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