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Walter Lambe

(c. 1450 - 1499)
HOASM: Walter Lambe
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Ulrich Lange

(? - 1549)
Bach-Cantatas: Ulrich Lange
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Colinet de Lannoy

(d. before 1497)
Wikipedia: Colinet de Lannoy
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Hugo de Lantins

(fl. c. 1430)
Wikipedia: Hugo de Lantins
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Erasmus Lapicida

(? - 1547)
HOASM: Erasmus Lapicida
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Orlando de Lassus

(1532 - 1594)
Wikipedia: Orlande de Lassus
Bach-Cantatas: Orlando de Lassus
Orlandus de Lassus
HOASM: Orlandus Lassus, [Orlande de Lassus, Orlando (di) Lasso, Orlandus Lassus, Roland de Lassus, Roland Delattre]
HOASM: Orlandus Lassus and Catholic Polyphony in late 16th Century Germany
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Francesco de Layolle

(1492 - c. 1540)
Wikipedia: Francesco de Layolle
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Firmin Lebel

(early 16th cent. - 1573)
Wikipedia: Firmin Lebel
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Leonhard Lechner

(c. 1550 - 1606)
HOASM: Leonhard Lechner
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CMA: LECHNER, Leonhard
Leonhard Lechner Sheet Music
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Johannes Legrant

(fl. c. f1420 - 1440)
Wikipedia: Johannes Legrant
Bach-Cantatas: Leonhard Lechner
HOASM: Johannes Legrant
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William Leighton

(c. 1560 - before 1617)
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Lorenz Lemlin

(1496 - 1549)
HOASM: Laurentius Lemlin
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MW: Lemlin, Lorenz
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Leone Leoni

(c. 1560 - 1627)
Wikipedia: Leone Leoni
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Reginaldus Libert

(fl. c. 1425 - 1435)
Wikipedia: Reginaldus Libert
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Clement Liebert

(fl. 1433 - 1454)
Wikipedia: Clement Liebert
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Johannes de Limburgia

(fl. 1408 - 1430)
Wikipedia: Johannes de Limburgia
HOASM: Johannes de Limburgia
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Alonso Lobo

(c. 1555 - 1617)
Wikipedia: Alonso Lobo
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Duarte Lobo

(c. 1565 - 1647)
Wikipedia: Duarte Lobo
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YouTube Video: Duarte Lobo
Duarte Lobo Sheet Music
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Antoine de Longueval

(fl. 1498 - 1525)
Wikipedia: Antoine de Longueval
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Jan z Lublina

(late 15th century - 1540)
Wikipedia: Jan z Lublina
HOASM: Ján z Lublina
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Matthaus Ludecus

(1527 - 1606)
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Nicholas Ludford

(c. 1485 - 1557)
Wikipedia: Nicholas Ludford
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Nicholas Ludford Sheet Music
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John Lugge

(1587 - 165?)
HOASM: John Lugg
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Johannes Lupi

(c. 1506 - 1539)
Wikipedia: Johannes Lupi
HOASM: Johannes Lupi (Leleu)
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Johannes Lupi Sheet Music
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Ambrose Lupo

(1505 - 1591)
Wikipedia: Ambrose Lupo
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Filippo de Lurano

(c. 1475 - c. 1520)
Wikipedia: Filippo de Lurano
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Vicente Lusitano

(fl. 1550 - 1561)
Wikipedia: Vicente Lusitano
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Google Books: Vicente Lusitano
Vicente Lusitano CDs
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Martin Luther

(1483 - 1546)
Wikipedia: Martin Luther
Bach-Cantatas: Martin Luther
Martin Luther: Music and God?
Google Scholar: Martin Luther
Google Books: Martin Luther
YouTube Video: Martin Luther
Martin Luther Sheet Music
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Carl Luython

(c. 1556 - 1620)
HOASM: Carl Luyton
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Google Books: Carl Luython
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Luzzasco Luzzaschi

(c. 1545 - 1607)
Wikipedia: Luzzasco Luzzaschi
CN: Luzzasco Luzzaschi
HOASM: Luzzasco Luzzaschi
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