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Hubert Waelrant

(c. 1517 - 1595)
Wikipedia: Hubert Waelrant
HOASM: Hubert Waelrant
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Google Books: Hubert Waelrant
Hubert Waelrant Sheet Music
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Johann Walter

(1496 - 1570)
Wikipedia: Johann Walter
Bach-Cantatas: Johann Walter
HOASM: Johannes Walter
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YouTube Video: Johann Walter
Johann Walter Sheet Music
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John Ward

(1571 - 1638)
Wikipedia: John Ward
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Georg Weber

(c. 1540 - 1599)
Bach-Cantatas: Georg Weber
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Google Books: Georg Weber

Thomas Weelkes

(1576 - 1623)
Wikipedia: Thomas Weelkes
CN: Thomas Weelkes
HOASM: Thomas Weelkes
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Google Books: Thomas Weelkes
YouTube Video: Thomas Weelkes
Thomas Weelkes Sheet Music
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Gaspar van Weerbeke

(c. 1445 - after 1517)
Wikipedia: Gaspar van Weerbeke
HOASM: Gaspar van Weerbeke
Google Scholar: Gaspar van Weerbeke
Google Books: Gaspar van Weerbeke
Gaspar van Weerbeke Books

Giaches de Wert

(1535 - 1596)
Wikipedia: Giaches de Wert
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Google Books: Giaches de Wert
Giaches de Wert Sheet Music
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Robert White

(1538 - 1574)
Wikipedia: Robert White
HOASM: Robert Whyte
Google Scholar: Robert White
Google Books: Robert White
YouTube Video: Robert White
Robert White Sheet Music
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Thomas Whythorne

(1528 - 1595)
Wikipedia: Thomas Whythorne
HOASM: Thomas Whythorne
Google Scholar: Thomas Whythorne
Google Books: Thomas Whythorne
Thomas Whythorne Sheet Music
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Thomas Whythorne Books

Erasmus Widmann

(1572 - 1634)
Wikipedia: Erasmus Widmann
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Google Books: Erasmus Widmann
YouTube Video: Erasmus Widmann
Erasmus Widmann Sheet Music
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John Wilbye

(1574 - 1638)
Wikipedia: John Wilbye
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YouTube Video: John Wilbye
John Wilbye Sheet Music
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Philip van Wilder

(d. 1557?)
Wikipedia: Philip van Wilder
HOASM: Philip van Wilder
Google Scholar: Philip van Wilder
Google Books: Philip van Wilder
YouTube Video: Philip van Wilder
Philip van Wilder CDs
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Adrian Willaert

(1490 - 1562)
Wikipedia: Adrian Willaert
CN: Adrian Willaert
HOASM: Adrian Willaert
Adrian Willaert
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YouTube Video: Adrian Willaert
Adrian Willaert Sheet Music
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Oswald von Wolkenstein

(1376 - 1445)
Wikipedia: Oswald von Wolkenstein
CN: Oswald von Wolkenstein
HOASM: Oswald von Wolkenstein
Google Scholar: Oswald von Wolkenstein
Google Books: Oswald von Wolkenstein
YouTube Video: Oswald von Wolkenstein
Oswald von Wolkenstein Sheet Music
Oswald von Wolkenstein CDs
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Henry Youll

(c. 1580/90 - )
Wikipedia: Henry Youll
HOASM: Henry Youll
Google Scholar: Henry Youll
Google Books: Henry Youll
Henry Youll Sheet Music
Henry Youll CDs
Henry Youll Books

Nicolaus Zacharie

(c. 1400 or before - 1466)
Wikipedia: Nicolaus Zacharie
HOASM: Nicolaus Zacharie
Google Scholar: Nicolaus Zacharie
Google Books: Nicolaus Zacharie
Nicolaus Zacharie Books

Nikolaus Zangius

(c. 1570 - c. 1618)
Google Scholar: Nikolaus Zangius
Google Books: Nikolaus Zangius
YouTube Video: Nikolaus Zangius
Nikolaus Zangius Sheet Music
Nikolaus Zangius CDs
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Gioseffo Zarlino

(1517 - 1590)
Wikipedia: Gioseffo Zarlino
HOASM: Gioseffo Zarlino
EMFAQ: ZARLINO, Just Intonation in Renaissance A Cappella Singing
Google Scholar: Gioseffo Zarlino
Google Books: Gioseffo Zarlino
YouTube Video: Gioseffo Zarlino
Gioseffo Zarlino Sheet Music
Gioseffo Zarlino Books

Martin Zeuner

(1554 - 1619)
Bach-Cantatas: Martin Zeuner
Google Books: Martin Zeuner
Martin Zeuner Books

Mikolaj Zielenski

(? - c. 1616)
Wikipedia: Mikolaj Zielenski
HOASM: Mikolaj Zielenski
Google Scholar: Mikolaj Zielenski
Google Books: Mikolaj Zielenski
Mikolaj Zielenski CDs
Mikolaj Zielenski Books

Annibale Zoilo

(c. 1537 - 1592)
Wikipedia: Annibale Zoilo
HOASM: Annibale Zoilo
Google Scholar: Annibale Zoilo
Google Books: Annibale Zoilo
Annibale Zoilo Books


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