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Musica Cortesana

Musica Cortesana was founded in 1995 by the tenor and lutenist Armando Fuentes and the harpsichordist Alvaro Huertas with the aim of presenting music from the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries in a way that is lively, expressive and accessible to contemporary audiences.  Their interest is centered on solo works by European and Hispanoamerican composers as well as other repertoire adapted for harpsichord, lute and voice following the renaissance and baroque music practice fashion.

An important objective in their artistic work has been the interpretation of pieces which came to shape America's music world during the Colonial period.  As a result, Musica Cortesana perform in their recitals villancicos and songs, chacones, pasacalles and galliards, some of them coming from the archives of Latin American cathedrals, to present an example of a musical heritage deeply rooted in our own tradition.