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Instrumental Ensembles - Renaissance Musicians


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Amadeus Consort

The Amadeus Consort, also known as the Chicago String Consort, performs concerts of Baroque music at Institute of Christ The King and other venues.
For more info:  call 847-328-7831; e-mail John @ AmadeusConsort.com; or visit this site.
Google Images: Amadeus Consort

Ars Antigua

Ars Antigua
Ars Antigua, directed by Jerry Fuller, presents concerts of chamber music performed on period instruments.  Performances by Ars Antigua are known for technical excellence, emotional impact and historical scholarship.  In addition, Ars Antigua tours, and also collaborates with Midwest Young Artists in educational and outreach programs, raising the visibility and knowledge of early music and period performance practice among talented high school students throughout the midwest.
For more info:  call 312-415-2391.
2017-2018 season Ars Antigua early music performance(s) on:  10/28/2017....
Photos of Ars Antigua here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, and here.
Recordings of Ars Antigua here.
Listen to monthly podcasts of Ars Antigua available at this site.
Google Images: Ars Antigua
YouTube Video: Ars Antigua

Bach Week Festival Orchestra

Bach Week Festival Orchestra & Chorus
The orchestra of the Bach Week Festival in Evanston, Richard Webster, Director.
Google Images: Bach Week Festival

Baroque Band

Baroque Band
The Baroque Band specialize in performing music from the 17th and 18th centuries on instruments appropriate to the period.  As both a chamber ensemble and a larger baroque orchestra, they offer great versatility and variety.  Under the artistic direction of British baroque violinist Garry Clarke, the Baroque Band brings together some of the finest period instrument specialists in the US presenting exciting and top quality programs of the highest standard.  Baroque Band is resident ensemble of WFMT Radio.
Photos of the Baroque Band here, here, here, here.
Recordings of Baroque Band here.
Google Images: Baroque Band

CCPA Baroque Orchestra

The CCPA Baroque Orchestra is a student performing group of the Roosevelt University Chicago College of the Performing Arts.

DePaul University Baroque Ensemble

The Ensemble is a student performing group of the Depaul University School of Music.
2017-2018 season DePaul University Baroque Ensemble early music performance(s) on:  10/31/2017.

Duneland Early Music Consort

For more info:  call Kristin Sturgeon, 219-762-5567 (Indiana).

Duo fantaisie en Echo

Duo fantaisie en Echo
Duo fantaisie en Echo is a viola da gamba duo featuring Rachel Cama and Phillip Serna.  The Duo derives its name from Pièces a deux violes du premier livre (1686) by French gambist Marin Marais.
For more info:  Visit this site.
Google Images: Duo fantaisie en Echo

Duo Marini

Duo Marini
Duo Marini was formed in 1997 by Baroque violinist Patricia Ahern and harpsichordist Yonit Kosovske.  Duo Marini is a period-instrument group that uses historically informed performance practice and authentic instruments to recreate Baroque music in the way it was probably heard in the 17th and 18th centuries.  Their first CD, "La Desperata", was released in 2001 and has subsequently been featured on NPR's Harmonia.
For more info:  write Patricia Ahern, 639D Bayberry Pointe Drive, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49544; call 616-791-4985; or e-mail patriciaahern @ alumni.indiana.edu.

L'Ensemble Portique

L'Ensemble Portique Logo
Founder and Artistic Director Lisette Kielson leads L'Ensemble Portique in performances of early and contemporary chamber music, including rarely heard compositions, and commissioned pieces written specifically for L'Ensemble Portique.  The programming, use of period instruments from the Baroque era, and lively anecdotes during the performance highlighting the instrumentation and historical perspectives set this ensemble apart from other musical groups.
For more info:  write L'Ensemble Portique, 22 N. Franklin Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53703; call 608-287-1006; or e-mail lkielson @ lensembleportique.com.
Photos of L'Ensemble Portique here.
Recordings of L'Ensemble Portique here.
Google Images: L'Ensemble Portique
YouTube Video: L'Ensemble Portique

Ensemble Voltaire

Ensemble Voltaire
Ensemble Voltaire presents engaging concerts of Baroque chamber music.  At ease with today's audiences, Ensemble Voltaire brings the Baroque period to life with story and even humor, subtly surrounding the listener with the cultural context from which the music emerges.  Ensemble Voltaire, which began performing as Ensemble Ouabache in 1988, is ensemble-in-residence at Trinity Episcopal Church, Indianapolis, where it presents three annual concerts on the "Music at Trinity" series.
For more info:  e-mail info @ ensemblevoltaire.com; or visit this site.
Photos of Ensemble Voltaire here.
Recordings of Ensemble Voltaire here.
Google Images: Ensemble Voltaire

Galena Recorder Consort

For more info:  call Glenn S. Harman, 815-777-1536 (Illinois).


Harmonie is a Canadian/American period-instrument ensemble dedicated to the performance of primarily Dutch Early Music.  Harmonie programs challenging works that demonstrate the emotional depth and technical virtuosity of the literature.
For more info:  Visit this site.

Home Street Recorder Ensemble

Home Street Recorder Ensemble
Since 1990, the Home Street Recorder Ensemble has been delighting Chicago area listeners with their performances of recorder ensemble music, both old and new.  Known for their fine musicianship, broad versatility  and impressive collection of seven sizes of recorders and other historical instruments, the Home Street Recorder Ensemble draw from a large repertoire of instrumental music from the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and Modern periods. 
For more info:  call 708-383-1497; or e-mail homestreetrecorder @ comcast.net.
Photos of the Home Street Recorder Ensemble here, here.

Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra

The Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra is an ensemble of professional musicians which performs music of the Baroque and early Classical eras on period, or reproduction instruments.  With a membership which already represents a broad sampling of the rich musical life of Indianapolis, the orchestra seeks to enrich, educate, and ultimately to "delight the senses" of the entire central Indiana community by specifically promoting the use of period instruments. 
For more info:  write Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra, P.O. Box 30493, Indianapolis, Indiana 46230-0493; call Dr. Lisa Brooks, Managing Director, 317-872-1077; or e-mail lbrooks @ butler.edu.
Google Images: Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra

Ensemble Musical Offering

Ensemble Musical Offering seeks to foster appreciation for Early Music, ca. 1580-1850, through professional performance on period instruments, educational activities, and community outreach.
For more info:  e-mail info @ ensemblemusicaloffering.org.
Google Images: Ensemble Musical Offering

Milwaukee Renaissance Band

Milwaukee Renaissance Band
The commitment of the Milwaukee Renaissance Band is to provide audiences with entertaining and educational concerts that bring to life the music of some of the most respected composers of the Renaissance.  The Band performs on all members of the shawm, bombard and dulcian family, along with our brass counterparts, the cornetto and sackbut.
For more info:  Visit this site.
Photos of the Milwaukee Renaissance Band here.
Google Images: Milwaukee Renaissance Band

MYA Early Music Ensemble

MYA Early Music Ensemble
The MYA Early Music Ensemble, Jerry Fuller, Director, is a young persons' period instrument orchestra sponsored by Midwest Young Artists and Ars Antigua.
2016-2017 season MYA Early Music Ensemble early music performance(s) on:  11/20/2016.
Photos of the MYA Early Music Ensemble here.
Google Images: MYA Early Music Ensemble

New Comma Baroque

New Comma Baroque
Dedicated to re-engaging modern audiences in historically informed performance, the Chicago-based ensemble New Comma Baroque features Matthew Cataldi, Baroque Violin; Phillip Serna, viola da gamba; Emily Morlan, historical keyboards; and a variety of other collaborators celebrating cultural diversity through our rich musical heritage in the concert hall and beyond. Advocating a strong sense of cultural context as well as community and educational outreach, New Comma Baroque works in close conjunction with, among other programs, Illinois' first period-instrument public school Baroque orchestra at Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois.
For more info:  Visit this site.
2016-2017 season New Comma Baroque early music performance(s) on:  12/18/2016, 3/19/2017.
2016-2017 season New Comma Baroque early music broadcast(s) on:  1/30/2017.
Photos of New Comma Baroque here.
Google Images: New Comma Baroque
YouTube Video: New Comma Baroque

Oak Park Recorder Society

Oak Park Recorder Society
The OPRS plays a varied recorder repertoire (with occasional crumhorn, viol, percussion, and vocal accompaniment) at church services and other events throughout the Chicago area.  Despite the group's name, it attracts players from the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs. 
For more info:  call Nancy Chabala at 708-442-6053.
Photos of the Oak Park Recorder Society here, here.
Google Images: Oak Park Recorder Society

Quincy Early Music Consort

Quincy Early Music Consort Logo
For more info:  write the Quincy Early Music Consort, c/o Mecki Kosin, 5833 Ellington Road, Quincy, IL 62305; call 217-223-1791 (home) or 800-747-0521 (work); e-mail mecki @ travelhouseofquincy.com.

Ridgeway Consort

Photos of The Ridgeway Consort here and here.


Rook is an early music ensemble dedicated to the music of the Renaissance and Early Baroque.  Rook explores this music with an unusual combination of wind, brass and string instruments that, while popular 400 years ago, creates colors that are missing from modern music making.  The core ensemble is comprised of accomplished musicians from Chicago's new generation of period style performers and collaborates regularly with vocalists and other instrumentalists to present this exciting music to modern audiences.
For more info:  visit this site.
2016-2017 season Rook early music performance(s) on: 1/6/2017....

Second City Musick

Second City Musick
Second City Musick is a consort of viols based in Chicago.  The group has evolved over the years, and its current members, Craig Trompeter, Russell Wagner, and Anna Steinhoff are proud to carry the torch.  Second City Musick specializes in 16th-18th century consort music, bringing this intimate chamber music out of the chamber and into the lives of modern concert-goers.
For more info:  visit this site.
2016-2017 season Second City Musick early music performance(s) on:  5/21/2017.
Google Images: Second City Musick

Spirit of Gambo

Spirit of Gambo
(photo by Jonnie Maunder)
The Spirit of Gambo viol consort consists of Phillip W. Serna, Ken Perlow, Russell Wagner, and other members as the repertoire requires.
For more info:  call 847-722-2093; or e-mail info @ spiritofgambo.org.
Photos of the Spirit of Gambo here, here, here, here.
Google Images: Spirit of Gambo

Stevenson High School Baroque Ensemble

The Stevenson High School Baroque Ensemble, Enrique Vilaseco, Director, is a unique performance ensemble that focuses on performance practices of the baroque and classical periods.  All instruments are period instruments.  Students perform for regular school functions, community events, IHSA solo & ensemble contest, etc.
For more info:  Visit this site.

Trio Settecento

Trio Settecento
Presenting music primarily of the Seventeenth Century in historically informed performances,  Trio Settecento features David Schrader, harpsichord, Rachel Barton Pine, violin, and John Mark Rozendaal, cello.
Photos of Trio Settecento here and here.
Recordings of Trio Settecento here.
Google Images: Trio Settecento
YouTube Video: Trio Settecento

Wayward Sisters

Wayward Sisters
(photo by Nelson Fitch)
Wayward Sisters is an exciting new ensemble specializing in music of the 17th century.  Combining innovative programming with fiery execution, Wayward Sisters shares the passion and turbulence of the early Baroque with modern listeners.  Winner of the EMA/Naxos Recording Competition for 2011.
For more info:  e-mail annasteinhoff @ hotmail.com; or write:  Wayward Sisters, c/o Anna Steinhoff, 3013 W. Eastwood Avenue Apt. 2, Chicago, IL 60625.
Photos of Wayward Sisters here.

Wisconsin Baroque Ensemble

The Wisconsin Baroque Ensemble is dedicated to bringing the spirit and intimacy of 17th and 18th century chamber music to today's audiences.  Playing on period instruments from original notation, the musicians explore the sound and character of this vast repertoire, often bringing to light lesser known compositions and composers.
For more info:  e-mail info @ wisconsinbaroque.org.
2017-2018 season Wisconsin Baroque Ensemble early music performance(s) on:  10/6/2017..., 11/24/2017....