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Wikipedia: Cornett
Wikipedia: Tenor Cornett
Wikipedia: Cornettino
Wikipedia: Mute Cornett
The Zink (cornett)
The Lizard (tenor cornett)
The Mute Cornett
Why did the cornetto die out?
The cornetto: an instrument as ancient as pan pipes
Renaissance Cornetto
Cornetts and Serpents
Cornett - the Megaphone of the Soul
Google Books: Cornett
YouTube Video: Cornett

Natural Horn

  Natural Horn
Wikipedia: Natural Horn
Wikipedia: Horn
The Natural Horn
The Natural Horn and Its Technique
The Natural Horn Today
Naturally Horns
The persistence of the natural horn in the romantic period
The Natural Horn
International Horn Society Online
Cyberhorn Museum
Google Scholar: Natural Horn
Google Books: Natural Horn
Natural Horn Images
Miniature Natural Horn Images
YouTube Video: Natural Horn


Wikipedia: Sackbut
Wikipedia: Trombone
The Sacbut
Online Trombone Journal
International Trombone Association
Sackbut Links
Google Scholar: Sackbut
Google Books: Sackbut
Sackbut Images
YouTube Video: Sackbut


Wikipedia: Serpent
Serpent Website
Tempted by a Serpent
A Musical Serpent Joins The BSO
The Serpent
Simon's Serpent Page
More Subtle Than Any Beast of the Field
Serpent Playing
Cornetts and Serpents
The Serpent!
Google Scholar: Serpent
Google Books: Serpent
A Serpent Photo Gallery
Serpent Images
YouTube Video: Serpent

Fanfare Trumpet,
Straight Trumpet

  Straight Trumpet, Fanfare Trumpet
Fanfare Trumpets
Google Scholar: Fanfare Trumpet

Natural Trumpet

  Natural Trumpet
Wikipedia: Natural Trumpet
Wikipedia: Baroque Trumpet
Wikipedia: Trumpet
The Natural Trumpet Resource Web Site
Natural Trumpet
On making a Baroque trumpet
The natural trumpet and the baroque trumpet
International Trumpet Guild
Google Scholar: Natural Trumpet
Google Books: Natural Trumpet
Natural Trumpet Images
Natural Trumpet Images
YouTube Video: Natural Trumpet

Slide Trumpet

  Slide Trumpet
Wikipedia: Slide Trumpet
The Forgotten Trumpets: Slide Trumpets between 1480 and 1836
Google Scholar: Slide Trumpet
Google Books: Slide Trumpet
YouTube Video: Slide Trumpet


Historic Brass Society
ASW Guide to Historical Brass Instruments
Wikipedia: Brass instrument
Wikipedia: History of primitive and non-Western trumpets
Wikipedia: Brass band
Early Brass Instrument Businesses
Google Scholar: Historical Brass Instruments
Google Books: Historical Brass Instrument
YouTube Video: Historical Brass Instrument

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