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Wikipedia: Clavichord
Boston Clavichord Society
British Clavichord Society
Clavichord International Press
Deutsche Clavichord Societät
How to build a clavichord
Harpsichord and Clavichord WebRing
Google Scholar: Clavichord
Google Books: Clavichord
Google Images: Clavichord
YouTube Video: Clavichord
Clavichord Sheet Music
Clavichord CDs
Clavichord Books


Wikipedia: Clavicytherium
Google Scholar: Clavicytherium
Google Books: Clavicytherium
Google Images: Clavicytherium
YouTube Video: Clavicytherium
Clavicytherium Books


Wikipedia: Harpsichord
The Harpsichord
British Harpsichord Society
The Baroque German Harpsichord
Wikipedia: Harpsichord concerto
Building a harpsichord
Big Duck's Harpsichord Miscellany
Harpsichords mailing list
Harpsichord and Clavichord WebRing
Google Scholar: Harpsichord
Google Books: Harpsichord
Google Images: Harpsichord
YouTube Video: Harpsichord
Harpsichord Sheet Music
Harpsichord CDs
Harpsichord Books


Wikipedia: Pipe organ
Organ Historical Society
American Guild of Organists
Early English Organ Project
Organ History
Yahoo!: Organ
Organ WebRing
Pipe Organ WebRing
Google Scholar: Early Organ
Google Books: Early Organ
Google Images: Early Organ
YouTube Video: Early Organ
Organ Sheet Music
Organ CDs
Organ Books
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Portative Organ

  Portative Organ
Wikipedia: Portative organ
Wikipedia: Positive organ
The Organetto
Portative Organ
Google Books: Portative Organ
Google Images: Portative Organ
YouTube Video: Portative Organ


Wikipedia: Regal
Google Scholar: Regal
Google Images: Regal


  Transverse Spinet
Wikipedia: Spinet
Making the 1690 Cristofori Oval Spinet Copy
Google Scholar: Spinet
Google Books: Spinet
Google Images: Spinet
YouTube Video: Spinet
Spinet Sheet Music
Spinet CDs
Spinet Books


Wikipedia: Virginal
The Virginal Tracker Project
Google Scholar: Virginal
Google Books: Virginal
Google Images: Virginal
YouTube Video: Virginal
Virginal Sheet Music
Virginal CDs
Virginal Books


Midwestern Historical Keyboard Society
What Are Historical Keyboard Instruments
Southeastern Historical Keyboard Society
Harpsichords and Related Topics List
Sounds of Harpsichords and Related Instruments
Wikipedia: Keyboard instrument
Google Scholar: Historical Keyboard Instrument
Google Books: Historical Keyboard Instrument
Google Images: Early Keyboard Instruments
YouTube Video: Historical Keyboard Instrument

For other instruments, see:  Brass, Keyboard, Percussion, Strings, Winds, Mixed.