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Bandora and Orpharion

  Bandora (Orpharion)
Wikipedia: Bandora
Wikipedia: Orpharion
Relatives of the Lute: Bandora
The Cittern & Bandora
Google Scholar: Bandora & Orpharion
Google Books: Bandora & Orpharion
Google Images: Bandora & Orpharion
YouTube Video: Bandora & Orpharion


Wikipedia: Baryton
International Baryton Society
Walter Rowe and the Earliest Baryton Music
Google Scholar: Baryton
Google Books: Baryton
Google Images: Baryton
YouTube Video: Baryton

Bowed Lyre

  Bowed Lyre
Wikipedia: Crwth
The Crwth
The Welsh Crwth, Its History, and Its Genealogy
The Crwth
The Lyre Project
11th Century round Crwth
Tuning the Lyre and Crwth
Google Scholar: Bowed Lyre
Google Books: Bowed Lyre
Google Images: Bowed Lyre
YouTube Video: Bowed Lyre


Wikipedia: Cello
The Baroque Cello
The Cello as an Accompanying Instrument in the 18th Century
The Baroque Cello
Google Scholar: Baroque Cello
Google Books: Baroque Cello
Google Images: Baroque Cello
YouTube Video: Baroque Cello


Wikipedia: Ceterone
Google Scholar: Ceterone
Google Books: Ceterone
Google Images: Ceterone


Wikipedia: Citole
The Citole Project
14th Century Citole
The Gittern and Citole
Google Scholar: Citole
Google Books: Citole
Google Images: Citole


Renaissance Cittern Page
Wikipedia: Cittern
The Cittern & Bandora
Relatives of the Lute - Cittern
Database with tunings for cittern
Database with cittern-containing recordings
So Just What Exactly Is a Cittern, Anyway?
Google Scholar: Cittern
Google Books: Cittern
Cittern Picture Gallery -- Old Instruments
Google Images: Cittern
YouTube Video: Cittern


Wikipedia: Hammered dulcimer
Wikipedia: Appalachian dulcimer
The Dulcimer
The Kitchen Musician Website
Hammered Dulcimers
Hammered Dulcimer Base
How to Make and Play a Hammered Dulcimer
The Hammered Dulcimer: History & Background
Dulcimer WebRing
Hammered Dulcimer WebRing
Google Scholar: Dulcimer
Google Books: Dulcimer
Google Images: Dulcimer
YouTube Video: Dulcimer


Wikipedia: Gittern
The Gittern and Citole
Google Scholar: Gittern
Google Books: Gittern
Google Images: Gittern


The Harp
Historical Harp Society
Wikipedia: Harp
Gaelic Harps & Harpers in Ireland & Scotland
Early Gaelic Harp
Google Scholar: Early Harp
Google Books: Early Harp
Google Images: Early Harp
YouTube Video: Early Harp


Wikipedia: Hurdy gurdy
The Hurdy Gurdy
Over the Water Hurdy-Gurdy Association
The Hurdy Gurdy Explained
The Hurdy-Gurdy
Building a Hurdy-gurdy
Building a Hurdy Gurdy at home
The hurdy-gurdy
Yahoo!: Hurdy-Gurdy
Google Scholar: Hurdy-Gurdy
Google Books: Hurdy-Gurdy
Google Images: Hurdy-Gurdy
YouTube Video: Hurdy-Gurdy


Wikipedia: Lirone
Google Scholar: Lirone
Google Books: Lirone
Google Images: Lirone


Wikipedia: Lute
The Lute
History of the Lute
Lute Society of America
The Lute Page
The Guitar, the Lute and the Early Keyboard
Building a Medieval Lute
Lute instruments
The Lute Ring
Google Scholar: Lute
Google Books: Lute
Google Images: Lute
YouTube Video: Lute


Wikipedia: Lyre
The Saxon Lyre
Lyre Association of North America
Saxon Lyre
Anglo-Saxon Lyre
To Make a Lyre
The Anglo-Saxon Lyre
Google Scholar: Lyre
Google Books: Lyre
Google Images: Lyre
YouTube Video: Lyre


Wikipedia: Mandolin
Classical Mandolin Society of America
Mandolin Cafe
Mandolin Magazine
Play Chords On Mandolin
Google Scholar: Mandolin
Google Books: Mandolin
Google Images: Mandolin
YouTube Video: Mandolin


Wikipedia: Mandora
Google Scholar: Mandora
Google Books: Mandora
Google Images: Mandora


Wikipedia: Psaltery
Wikipedia: Psalterium
The Psaltery
Medieval Instruments: Psalteries
The Psaltery and Dulcimer
Google Scholar: Psaltery
Google Books: Psaltery
Google Images: Psaltery
YouTube Video: Psaltery


The Rebec
Wikipedia: Rebec
Wikipedia: Kemenche
The Rebec Project
Nancy's Rebec
Google Scholar: Rebec
Google Books: Rebec
Google Images: Rebec
YouTube Video: Rebec

Theorbo (Archlute, Chitarrone)

Theorbo, Archlute, and Chitarrone

Wikipedia: Theorbo
Wikipedia: Archlute
Theorbo Information Page
Google Scholar: Theorbo
Google Books: Theorbo
Google Images: Theorbo
YouTube Video: Theorbo

Tromba Marina

  Tromba Marina
Wikipedia: Tromba marina
The Tromba Marina
Tromba Marina
Tromba Marina
Google Scholar: Tromba Marina
Google Books: Tromba Marina
Google Images: Tromba Marina
YouTube Video: Tromba Marina


Wikipedia: Vielle
Google Scholar: Vielle
Google Books: Vielle
Google Images: Vielle
YouTube Video: Vielle

Vihuela and Guitar

Vihuela (Guitar) Wikipedia: Vihuela
Wikipedia: Baroque guitar
The Guitar and Vihuela
Relatives of the Lute: Renaissance Guitar
Sixteenth-Century Printed Tablatures for the Lute, Guitar, and Vihuela
Baroque Guitar for the Modern Performer: A Practical Compromise
The Vihuela and the Guitar in the XVI Century
The Guitar, the Lute and the Early Keyboard
Google Scholar: Vihuela
Google Books: Vihuela
Google Images: Vihuela
YouTube Video: Vihuela
Early Music for the Classical Guitar


Wikipedia: Viola
Home of the Violists
International Viola Society
American Viola Society
Google Scholar: Baroque Viola
Google Books: Baroque Viola
Google Images: Baroque Viola
YouTube Video: Baroque Viola

Viola da Gamba

  Viola da Gamba
Wikipedia: Viol
The Viol
The Gamba
Viola da Gamba Society of America
Viola da Gamba Society
Australian Viola da Gamba Society
Viola da Gamba Society of France
Viols in Our Schools
The Viola da Gamba
Viola da Gamba Bibliography
Lyra Viol's Alive!
Viols mailing list
Google Scholar: Viola da Gamba
Google Books: Viola da Gamba
Google Images: Viola da Gamba
YouTube Video: Viola da Gamba

Viola d'Amore

  Viola d'Amore
Wikipedia: Viola d'amore
The Hidden World of the Viola d'Amore
Viola d'Amore Society of America
Google Scholar: Viola d'Amore
Google Books: Viola d'Amore
Google Images: Viola d'Amore
YouTube Video: Viola d'Amore


Wikipedia: Baroque violin
Wikipedia: Violin
Violins and Viols
Early Baroque Violin Practice
The Monteverdi violins
Google Scholar: Early Violin
Google Books: Early Violin
Google Images: Baroque Violin
YouTube Video: Early Violin


Wikipedia: Violone
Wikipedia: Double bass
The Double Bass and Violone Internet Archive
Historical Bass
Double Bass
Google Scholar: Violone
Google Books: Violone
Google Images: Violone
YouTube Video: Violone


Wikipedia: String instrument
Orpheon Foundation Museum of Historical Musical Instruments
Atlas of Plucked Instruments
Early String Instruments
Medieval and Tudor string instruments
Google Scholar: Early String Instruments
Google Books: Early String Instruments
Google Images: Early String Instruments
YouTube Video: Early String Instrument
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