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Wind Musicians - Renaissance Woman Traverso Player


(local and regional)

Kaye Clements

flute and recorder
Google Images: Kaye Clements

Leighann Daihl

baroque flute
Leighann Daihl
Performs with Baroque Band, the Bach and Beethoven Ensemble, and other groups.  Runs the Early Music in the Libraries Program for Early Music in Motion.
For more info:  visit this site.
2015-2016 season Leighann Daihl early music performance(s) on:  3/13/2016.  (These are in addition to regular performances with any of the groups mentioned above.)
Photos of Leighann Daihl here, here.
Google Images: Leighann Daihl
YouTube Video: Leighann Daihl

Lisette Kielson

recorder and flute
Lisette Kielson
Founder and Artistic Director of L'Ensemble Portique.  Member of Ars Antigua
For more info:  call 309-828-1724; or e-mail LKielson @ LEnsemblePortique.com.
2014-2015 season Lisette Kielson early music performance(s) on:  10/18/2014.  (These are in addition to regular performances with any of the groups mentioned above.)
Photos of Lisette Kielson here, here, here, here.
Google Images: Lisette Kielson
YouTube Video: Lisette Kielson

Laura Sanborn Kuhlman

flute, recorder, and early reeds
Laura Sanborn Kuhlman
Founding member of the Milwaukee Renaissance Band.  Current President of the American Recorder Society.
For more info:  call 630-462-5427; or e-mail laura @ thekuhlmans.com.
Photos of Laura Sanborn Kuhlman here, here, here, here.
Google Images: Laura Sanborn Kuhlman

John Langfeld

John Langfeld
Recorder soloist of the Saint Luke Recorder Series.
For more info:  e-mail langfeldjohn @ gmail.com.
Photos of John Langfeld here.
Google Images: John Langfeld

Mirja Lorenz

Mirja Lorenz
Performer with Music of the Baroque, Haymarket Opera Company, and other groups.
For more info:  e-mail mlorenz @ nordcam.de.
2015-2016 season Mirja Lorenz early music performance(s) on:  4/29/2016. (These are in addition to regular performances with any of the groups mentioned above.)
Google Images: Mirja Lorenz

Patrick O'Malley

Patrick O'Malley
Plays with groups such as Ars Antigua and Music of the Baroque.
For more info:  call 773-552-1856; or e-mail PatrickRecorder @ mac.com.
Photos of Patrick O'Malley here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here.
Google Images: Patrick O'Malley
YouTube Video: Patrick O'Malley

Laura Osterlund

recorder, vielle, shawm, and voice
Laura Osterlund
Performs with Ensemble Musica Humana, the Marion Consort, New Comma Baroque, and other groups.  Writer for Harmonia.  Member of the Early Music America Youth Advisory Board.  Recipient of the EMA Barbara Thornton Memorial Scholarship for 2011.
For more info:  e-mail Laura Osterlund at laura.osterlund @ gmail.com.
2015-2016 season Laura Osterlund early music performance(s) on:  4/29/2016.
Photos of Laura Osterlund here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.
MP3s of Laura Osterlund here.
Google Images: Laura Osterlund
YouTube Video: Laura Osterlund

Jon Owsley

Jon Owsley
Creator of Ensemble Ars Virtual.
For more info:  e-mail Jon Owsley at jonowsley1 @ comcast.net
Photos of Jon Owsley here.

Amy Pikler

recorder, viola, violin, and other instruments
Amy Pikler
Soloist and performer with the Chicago Chamber Orchestra, the Symphony of Oak Park and River Forest, and other groups around the community.
View Amy Pikler's music bio here (DOC, 25 KB).
Photos of Amy Pikler here, here, here.
Google Images: Amy Pikler
YouTube Video: Amy Pikler

Paul Schmidt

serpent, ophicleide, other early wind instruments
Paul Schmidt
Early brass performer, lecturer and clinician.  Author, editor and publisher of early brass writings and music.  Webmaster of the Serpent Website.
For more info:  call 847-356-7865; or e-mail ocleide @ earthlink.net.
Photos of Paul Schmidt here.
Google Images: Paul Schmidt

Monica Steger

traverso, recorder, harpsichord
Member of the Wisconsin Baroque Ensemble.
For more info:  call 920-960-7988; or e-mail stegerm @ gmail.com.

Paul Von Hoff

baroque trombone, sackbutt
Paul Von Hoff
Founding member of the Rook early music ensemble, also the Gaudete Brass Quintet.  Also performs with Mercury Baroque and the Dunbar Festival Orchestra.
For more info:  e-mail paul @ gaudetebrass.com.
Google Images: Paul Von Hoff
YouTube Video: Paul Von Hoff

Mary Anne Wolff Gardner

Mary Anne Wolff Gardner
Founding member of the Home Street Recorder Ensemble, member of Chicago Syntagma Musicum.
For more info:  call 708-383-1497; or e-mail mawgardner @ yahoo.com.
Photos of Mary Anne Wolff Gardner here, here, here, here, and here.
Google Images: Mary Anne Wolff Gardner