Chicago ARS Christmas Concert, December 2006

The annual Christmas Concert of the Chicago Chapter of the American Recorder Society, performed at St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Chicago, Illinois, on December 17, 2006.

Early music by Loeillet, Telemann, and others.

Featuring the Oak Park Recorder Society, with Director Nancy Chabala, and members Anne Greene, Ed Green, Lynn Colmey, Ari Kobb, Marco Castillo, Esther Schechter, Arlene Ghiron, Nadine Petersen, Larry Johnson, and Carol Stanger; Patrick O'Malley; Laura Osterlund; Mark Dawson, Susan Dawson, and David Dawson; Ron Crawford; Dennis Sherman (also playing pipe & tabor, in addition to the recorder); Ann Cook; David Onofrey, Diane Onofrey, Don Macmillan, Jean Macmillan; Ryan Morrison, vocalist (not pictured); and others.

Photos courtesy of Mark Dawson.

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Oak Park Recorder Society Patrick O'Malley, Anne Cook (recorder players) Mark Dawson, David Dawson, Susan Dawson (recorder trio) Laura Osterlund (recorder player) Ron Crawford, Dennis Sherman (recorder players)
Nancy Chabala, Larry Johnson, Carol Stanger (recorder trio) Dennis Sherman (pipe & tabor) MIC Recorder Consort David Dawson (recorder player) Mark Dawson, Nancy Chabala (recorder duo)

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