Callipygian Players Concert, April 2008

The Callipygian Players concert, "The English Genius", performed at St. Chrysostom's Church, Chicago, Illinois, on April 18, 2008.

Music by Mell, Baltzar, Matteis, Purcell, Bull, Festing, Dibdin, Geminiani, Lampe, Arne, and Ferrabosco.

Featuring members of Callipygian Players:  Martin Davids, Director and violin; Julia Davids, soprano; Craig Trompeter, viola da gamba; David Schrader, harpsichord; and special guest performer Rachel Barton Pine, violin.

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Martin Davids (Baroque violinist) Callipygian Players (Baroque chamber ensemble) Rachel Barton Pine (Baroque violinist) Craig Trompeter (Baroque cellist), Rachel Barton Pine (Baroque violinist) Julia Davids (soprano) David Schrader (harpsichordist)
David Schrader (harpsichord), Julia Davids (soprano) Craig Trompeter (Baroque cellist) Rachel Barton Pine (Baroque violinist), David Schrader (harpsichordist), Craig Trompeter (Baroque cellist) Martin Davids (Baroque violinist) Martin Davids (Baroque violinist), Julia Davids (soprano) Rachel Barton Pine (Baroque violinist)
Rachel Barton Pine (Baroque violin) Martin Davids (Baroque violin), David Schrader (harpsichord), Craig Trompeter (Baroque cello), Rachel Barton Pine (Baroque violin) David Schrader (harpsichord) Hands at the Harpsichord Keyboard Martin Davids (Baroque violin), David Schrader (harpsichord) Rachel Barton Pine (Baroque violin), Martin Davids (Baroque violin), Craig Trompeter (Baroque cello)

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