John Langfeld Concert, November 2007

The John Langfeld concert, "Genre Pairs from Two Centuries", performed at Saint Luke Church, Chicago, Illinois, November 18, 2007.

Featuring John Langfeld, recorders; with accompanists:  Jason Moy, harpsichord; Phoebe Peterson, bassoon; Naomi Bensdorf, oboe; Richard Yea, cello.

Music by de Gant, Bigaglia, van Eyck, Vivaldi, and other contemporary composers.

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John Langfeld (recorder player) Jason Moy (harpsichordist) John Langfeld Concert Jason Moy (harpsichord), Richard Yea (cello), John Langfeld (recorder) Phoebe Peterson (bassoonist), Naomi Bensdorf (oboist) John Langfeld (recorder player)
Richard Yea (cellist) Jason Moy (harpsichord), Phoebe Peterson (bassoon), Naomi Bensdorf (oboe), John Langfeld (recorder) John Langfeld (recorder player) Harpsichord and Music Stands Jason Moy (harpsichord), John Langfeld (recorder) Jason Moy (harpsichordist)

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