Music Institute of Chicago Baroque Chamber Music Festival, November 2004

The Music Institute of Chicago Baroque Chamber Music Festival, Evanston, Illinois, on November 12-14, 2004.

Featuring members of Trio SettecentoRachel Barton Pine, violin; John Mark Rozendaal, cello and viola da gamba; David Schrader, harpsichord.

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John Mark Rozendaal Conducting Two Young Cellists (young cellists) Rachel Barton Pine and Young Woman Violinist Two Recorder Players David Schrader and Harpsichordist Strings Checking Intonation
Young Violinists David Schrader in Recorder and Harpsichord Duet Rachel Barton Pine (violinist) Cellists at Ease John Mark Rozendaal and Young Woman Violinist Woman Violist and Boy Cellist
Young Woman Recorder Player Young Man Cellist Orchestra in Rehearsal Violinists Rachel Barton Pine, David Schrader, and Trio Man Cellist
Young Girl Violinist John Mark Rozendaal and Rachel Barton Pine (conductor and violinist) Rachel Barton Pine and Boy Cellist Rachel Barton Pine, John Mark Rozendaal, and Violinists Man Recorder Player David Schrader Giving Harpsichord Instruction

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