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The free scores on this page are all original works, in some cases based on earlier pieces by other composers, in other cases entirely new compositions written in early styles ("new wine in old bottles"), else entirely contemporary works.  The author retains full copyright to the sheet music but grants users permission to download, print, and otherwise make use of each score so long as (a) nothing is altered without author permission and (b) full attribution is given.

The composer would like your feedback!  Please send your comments to Ann McKinley at amckinley @ vsbres.org.
Ann McKinley is long-time career musician, music educator, and composer with a Ph.D. in Musicology (from the University of Michigan; dissertation topic: the sacred music of the Italian Renaissance composer Francesco Corteccia), Ann is now retired but currently active in the ARS and the ISMTA
Contact: Ann McKinley, 229 E. North Avenue, Naperville, IL 60540-4631; phone 630-420-8839; or e-mail amckinley @ vsbres.org.
View a short musical bio of Ann McKinley here (DOC, 27 KB)
Sample MP3s of Ann McKinley's music here.

Following are modern settings of early compositions or original compositions inspired by early music, arranged in most cases for recorder, in some cases for organ or voice.

Czech Carols is an arrangement of Czech carols from the 15th through the 19th Centuries.
Read the lyrics in English here. (DOC, 22 KB).
Czech Carols (PDF, 147 KB).  Setting for three recorders (ATB).
    Czech... (PDF, 102 KB), part for alto recorder.
    Czech... (PDF, 104 KB), part for tenor recorder.
    Czech... (PDF, 88 KB), part for bass recorder.

Gregorian Garland is a suite of six short recorder pieces based on chant melodies.  See the cover page here (JPG, 59 KB).  Arranged for three recorders (ATB).
Asperges (PDF, 49 KB).
Kyrie (PDF, 64 KB).
Adonai (PDF, 71 KB).
Contritum est cor meum (PDF, 54 KB).
O vos omnes (PDF, 60 KB).
Regina coeli (PDF, 62 KB).
Asperges, Kyrie (PDF, 35 KB), for organ.

Medieval Carol ("Marian Round") is an original recorder piece based on "traditional" text.
Medieval Carol (PDF, 104 KB), for four voices.
Medieval Carol (PDF, 99 KB), for four alto recorders.

Rumpus is an original recorder piece related in spirit to Medieval dance types (e.g., the estampie, though without first and second endings).
Rumpus (PDF, 142 KB), for soprano and tenor recorder.

Following is some contemporary music, not really related to early music, but interesting and worthwhile nonetheless:

Round for David is dedicated to the memory of David Fitzgerald, who passed away July 19, 2003.  For decades, Dave was a force in the Chicago ARS Chapter and the Oak Park Recorder Society.  He will be sorely missed.
Round for David (PDF, 105 KB).  For four recorders in C.
Round for David (PDF, 80 KB).  Part for single recorder in C.

Mignon Herself and Mignon's New Clothes are two pieces for recorder trio (ATB).  The author says this about the recorder pieces' titles:  When I asked the first piece what her name was, she told me "Mignon."  (The name Mignon is French, meaning "dainty, small.")  "Mignon Herself" seems a good way to describe a kind of theme, and "Mignon's New Clothes" to describe a kind of free variation.
Mignon Herself (PDF, 133 KB).  For recorder trio (ATB).
Mignon's New Clothes (PDF, 199 KB).  For recorder trio (ATB).

A Little Entertainment is a suite of five pieces for various combinations of recorder, keyboard, and percussion.  Read the composer's commentary about the recorder pieces (with special notes about the percussion accompaniment) here. (DOC, 22 KB)  See the cover page here (JPG, 31 KB).
Fanfare (PDF, 83 KB).  For recorder trio (ATB) (and percussion).
Gigue (PDF, 106 KB).  For recorder duo (ST) (and percussion).
Arabian Dance (PDF, 116 KB).  For soprano recorder, keyboard, and finger cymbals.
Coquette (PDF, 160 KB).  For recorder trio (AAT) (and percussion).
Exit Music (PDF, 110 KB).  For recorder duo (AT) (and percussion).

Images is a suite of three pieces for recorder trio (ATB).
Elegance (PDF, 154 KB).  For recorder trio (ATB).
Voices (PDF, 139 KB).  For recorder trio (ATB).
Jugglers (PDF, 255 KB).  For recorder trio (ATB).

Cool Cats is a piece for recorder trio (AAT).
Cool Cats (PDF, 99 KB).  For recorder trio (AAT).

Hanky-Panky is a short piece scored for two recorders in C.
Hanky-Panky (PDF, 59 KB).  For two recorders in C.