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Early Music Photo Album --
   Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet Concert, February 2004,
   Ars Antigua Concert, November 2009,
   Ars Antigua/Oriana Singers/City Voices Concert, June 2009,
   Ars Antigua/Oriana Singers Concert, November 2006,
   Ars Antigua Concert, March 2006,
   Ars Antigua/Ensemble Voltaire Concert, January 2005,
   Ars Antigua Concert, November 2004,
   Ars Antigua Concert, January 2004,
   Asteria Concert, October 2006,
   Bach and Beethoven Ensemble Concert, February 2011,
   Bach Week Concert, May 2005,
   Baroque Band Concert, May 2007,
   Baroque Band Concert, December 2007,
   Baroque Band Concert, January 2010,
   Baroque Band Concert, January 2011,
   Bella Voce Concert, February 2004,
   Bella Voce/Callipygian Players Rehearsal, March 2010,
   Callipygian Players Concert, April 2004,
   Callipygian Players Concert, January 2008,
   Callipygian Players Concert, April 2008,
   Chicago Early Music Consort Christmas Concerts, December 2006,
   Chicago Early Music Consort Concert, October 2007,
   Chicago Syntagma Musicum Recital, April 2008,
   Chicago ARS Christmas Concert, December 2009,
   Chicago ARS Christmas Concert, December 2006,
   Chicago ARS Christmas Concert, December 2005,
   Chicago ARS Spring Concert, May 2003,
   Chicago ARS Spring Concert, May 2006,
   Chicago ARS Spring Concert, May 2008,
   "Hot Off the Press", Chicago ARS Shelley Gruskin Recorder Workshop, April 2003,
   "Singing with Orlandus", Chicago ARS Joan Kimball Recorder Workshop, April 2007,
   Chicago Choral Artists Concert, May 2007,
   The Comic Intermezzo Concert, October 2003,
   Concerts Royaux Concert, January 2004,
   Ars Antigua/Ensemble Voltaire Concert, January 2005,
   The Forces of Virtue Concert, May 2004,
   Home Street Recorder Ensemble Performance at Pleasant Home, December 2003,
   John Langfeld Concert, November 2007,
   Jason Moy Concert, October 2009,
   Laura Osterlund Recital, June 2007,
   Gallantry and Fortitude Concert, December 2008
   L'Ensemble Portique Concert, October 2010,
   Gravitacion Concert, January 2009
   Lutheran Choir of Chicago/Janus Ensemble Concert, May 2003,
   Marion Verbruggen Masterclass, April 2005,
   Marion Consort Concert, March 2012,
   Brookfield Art League Luncheon, Masqued Phoenix Consort, August 2003,
   Musica Cortesana Concert, November 2003,
   Music Institute of Chicago Baroque Master Class, December 2007,
   Music Institute of Chicago Early Music Workshop, March 2007,
   Music Institute of Chicago Early Music Student Concert, March 2008,
   Music Institute of Chicago Early Music Extravaganza, April 2008,
   Music Institute of Chicago Early Music Concert, November 2006,
   Music Institute of Chicago Telemann Tonight Concert, January 2005,
   Music Institute of Chicago Baroque Chamber Music Festival, November 2004,
   Music Institute of Chicago Baroque Chamber Music Festival Student Concert, November 2004,
   MYA Early Music Ensemble/Ars Antigua Concert, November 2006,
   MYA Early Music Workshop, July 2006,
   "Royal Farewell", District 97 Recognition & Retirement Dinner, Musicke's Merrie Companions, May 2003,
   Newberry Consort Chatham Baroque Concert, April 2008,
   Newberry Consort Concert, May 2006,
   Newberry Consort Concert, March 2006,
   Newberry Consort Concert, May 2005,
   New Comma Baroque Concert, September 2012,
   Northwestern Baroque Music Ensemble Concert, February 2009,
   Noyes Fludde Concert, October 2007,
   NUEME Concert, March 2006,
   NUEME Concert, November 2005,
   NUEME Baroque Ensembles Workshop, October 2005,
   NUEME Renaissance Improvisation Workshop, October 2005,
   The Opera Company Concert, June 2010,
   The Opera Company Concert, December 2009,
   Oriana Singers Concert, May 2004,
   The Rose Ensemble Concert, December 2005,
   Saint Cecilia Consort Concert, June 2009,
   Saint Cecilia Consort Concert, June 2004,
   Schola Antiqua Concert, November 2006,
   Schola Antiqua Concert, July 2004,
   Schola Antiqua Concert, January 2004,
   Spirit of Gambo Concert, December 2006,
   Spirit of Gambo Concert, September 2007,
   Spirit of Gambo Concert, March 2009,
   Spirit of Gambo Concert, September 2012,
   Viola da Gamba Society Third Coast Workshop & Concert, May 2008,
   Viola da Gamba Society Third Coast Workshop, May 2010,
   Venere Lute Quartet Concert, February 2009
   Wayward Sisters Concert, January 2013,
   Whitewater Early Music Festival, June 2008,
   Whitewater Early Music Festival, June 2007,
   Whitewater Early Music Festival, June 2006,
   Whitewater Early Music Festival, June 2004,
   Whitewater Early Music Festival, June 2003,
   "All Ye Who Music Love" Reading Session, August 2003
   West Suburban Early Music Society Winter Gala, February 2007,
   EnsAmble Ad-Hoc Recital, December 2011
   Milwaukee Renaissance Band Concert, December 2011
   Haymarket Opera Company Opera, February 2012
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